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How to Transfer Undergraduate Courses to UD

  1. Review UD’s policies for course transfer eligibility.
  2. Check UD’s Transfer Credit Matrix to see if your course has already been reviewed and approved.
  3. If your course isn’t in UD’s Matrix, send it to an academic department for review.
  4. When did you take (or are planning to take) the course? Choose below and follow the steps.
    -Before starting your first full-time UD semester
    -After or during your first full-time UD semester

To transfer a course to UD, it must:

Be taken for a letter grade and earn the equivalent grade noted at the right or better Students admitted Fall 2022 and after: Minimum grade to transfer = “C-“ (1.7 on a 4.0 scale).

Students admitted prior to Fall 2022: Courses taken Summer 2022 and after, minimum grade to transfer = “C-“ (1.7 on a 4.0 scale). Courses taken Spring 2022 and earlier, minimum grade to transfer = “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale).

All students, courses taken during Spring 2020 (or potentially subsequent terms), at a school that adopted a special COVID-19 pandemic grading policy: Grade of “P” or “CR” may be eligible for transfer to UD if it meets all of the following requirements: The course is usually taken for a letter grade; The “P” or “CR” must be equivalent to a “C-“ (1.7 on a 4.0 scale) or better, with this policy clearly stated in the transcript legend, on the institution’s website, or in a letter that accompanies the official transcript. Note: If the “P” or “CR” represents a course that may have earned a grade below a C-, it will not transfer.
Be college-level UD does not transfer remedial courses nor most basic/introductory computer classes.
Cover material & subjects that align with UD’s academic curriculum UD does not transfer courses in English language instruction, religious study, nor with political content mandated by an international government.
Be taken at an institution which issues college-level degrees U.S. institutions should be regionally accredited.

U.S. degree-granting colleges/universities with other accreditation may be eligible for transfer credit. Contact for additional information.

International institutions must be approved by their country’s Ministry of Education to issue college-level degrees.

Courses eligible to transfer – both from U.S. and international schools – should count towards the school’s approved college-level degrees. Courses must be recorded on official, standard transcripts issued by the unit (registrar or grading office) that confirms and issues the school’s undergraduate degrees.
Note: UD uses its own transfer & conversion policies Even if another school recommends different conversions, UD’s policies prevail.

Courses taken under a different credit system will be converted to UD semester hours, ex: quarter hours x 2/3 (or .67) = semester hours.

Grades and quality points for courses transferred from other schools are not included in the UD GPA.

Check school & course approvals in UD’s Transfer Credit Matrix:

Check UD's Transfer Credit Matrix. The Matrix shows courses that have been recently reviewed for another student, and how they transfer as of today.

Note that Matrix equivalencies may change at any time, as curricula can change at UD and other schools. Use the Matrix as a guide, not a guarantee.
If your school or course are not in the Matrix, no need to worry! UD just needs to review them to confirm if credits will transfer. See instructions to the right. New school: email the name/address/website to We’ll research if the school meets UD’s requirements, then email you to confirm. After you hear back, scroll below for instructions to send your courses to a UD department.

New course: Scroll below for instructions to send it to a UD department.

If your course isn’t in UD’s Matrix, send it to a department:

For English composition courses Follow these instructions. If you took the course while a high school student, also read this policy from the English dept.
For all other academic courses Find an official syllabus (preferred) or course description as a web link, PDF, or scanned copy.

Choose the best academic department to match your course. Note for incoming new students: If the transfer course is already on your record as “166T Transfer Elective,” send your course to the department noted (i.e. a course in Astronomy that initially transferred as PHYS166T should be reviewed by the Physics department, because Physics teaches Astronomy courses at UD).

Some departments ask that you submit your courses via a web form (for these, you’ll see the link on the department list).

But for most departments, download this email template (version for newly incoming students, current matriculated students, or students with military credit). Copy/paste the template into an email, add your information, attach the syllabus (or course description, or course/occupation exhibits), and send it to the department.
What happens next Most departments respond to course requests within 1-2 weeks. But some take longer, due to high demand. If you haven’t heard back within 2 weeks, email the department contact a friendly reminder. It is your responsibility to follow-up with the department for course approval.

The department will review your course and determine the best UD equivalent, then email you and

Save a copy of these emails for future reference.

If you’ve already transferred the course, and it’s on your academic record (166T transfer elective), we’ll update the equivalency per the department’s approval (within approx. 2-4 weeks).

If you haven’t yet transferred the course, do these steps: if you took the course before matriculating, or plan to take the course after matriculating to UD.

If you TOOK the course BEFORE beginning your first full-time UD semester(transfer students & college courses taken in high school)

Course at a U.S. institution Ask the college to send an official transcript directly to UD Admissions. After arriving at UD, transcripts take roughly 5-7 business days to route to the transfer credit team.

Electronic transcripts: must be password protected & sent directly from the school to

Paper transcripts: ask the college to send directly to: UD Office of Admissions, Univ. Visitors Center, 210 South College Ave., Newark, DE 19716 U.S.A.

If the college sends a paper transcript directly to you, do NOT open it. Send the transcript in the original, sealed school envelope to the UD Admissions address above.
Course at an international institution Follow the steps outlined on IERF’s website to order a Standard Application Detail Report. IERF is UD’s partner for credential evaluations.

Due to high volume, the Registrar’s Office cannot confirm when your transcript arrives to our office, nor when your credits have posted. Please check with UD Admissions to confirm the current turn-around timeline.
To see your credits Login to your My Blue Hen Home student portal. Closer to registration, your credits will also be visible in UD’s Student Information System (UDSIS).
FAQ Is there a fee to transfer courses you’ve taken before coming to UD? No. There is only a fee to transfer courses taken after you’ve matriculated to UD.

What should you do if you’re currently taking a course that you’d like to transfer? Once you’ve completed the course, and grades have posted, follow the steps at the top of this table to request an updated official transcript. We will post the credits to your student record (usually within 2-4 weeks).

If UNIV166DE is in your transferred courses – what does this mean? This is General Elective credit. It could mean that a course aligns with UD’s curriculum, but the material is significantly different from what is taught in one academic department. UNIV166DE is also used for First Year Seminars, Study Skills courses, etc. In either case, UNIV166DE courses have already been evaluated. No need to send a syllabus to a UD department. Talk with your advisor about how these would count towards your degree.

If transferred courses have the number 166T – what does this mean? These courses have not yet been reviewed by a UD academic department. Send it for review.

If, after a department reviews a course, you believe that the subject matter requires re-consideration, please read and follow the process to Appeal the Evaluation.

What documents should you take with you to New Student Orientation (NSO)? It’s a good idea to take an unofficial copy of college transcripts and AP/IB/other test scores. If your credits haven’t yet posted to your student record, your advisor can review the unofficial copies to help you enroll in courses that best fit your academic plan.

Whom should you contact for questions or guidance? Incoming transfer students would contact UD’s Assoc. Registrar for Transfer Services. Incoming first year students and ELI-AT students may reach out to their academic advisor (or College) for guidance.

If you TAKE or PLAN TO TAKE the course AFTER or DURING your first full-time UD semester:

If you’re graduating this term Make sure to complete the steps below at least 6 weeks before your expected graduation.
If you take courses on a non-UD study abroad program or at an international university Ask your non-UD program what school will issue your official transcript. Check this list to see if UD has reviewed the school recently, whether credits will transfer, and the minimum grade required.

If the school is on the list, continue with the process below.

If the school is not on the list submit an online Transfer Institution (TIPA) form. Within 5-10 business days, our team will review the school and email you to confirm whether it meets UD’s transfer credit requirements. Once you hear back, continue with the process below.
Touch base with your Advisor to see How your transfer courses may count toward your degree, and whether your transfer plans may conflict with UD’s Residency Requirement.

If you are studying away from UD for a full semester or year, they’ll review how to complete a Leave of Absence request.
If you have UD institutional financial aid If you’ll be away from UD for a full semester or year, you are not eligible for institutional aid during your leave. Students can apply for Federal Aid through a consortium agreement (PDF).

When you return, to regain eligibility for institutional scholarships & grants, you must transfer back at least 12 UD credits per semester. Before your leave, make an appointment with Student Financial Services to discuss your plans and how a Leave of Absence may impact your UD financial aid package. ( or 302-831-2126)
Submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) form We strongly recommend that you submit the form before taking the course.

If all of the courses you plan to take are in the Matrix today, submit an electronic TCE webform. This form requires CAS authentication. If you are a recently deferred student, not yet currently matriculated to UD, follow the paper process below.

If only some (or none) of your courses are currently in the Matrix, submit a PDF version of the TCE form – see instructions below.

PDF process instructions: Complete and save the fillable PDF TCE form. For any course(s) not in the Matrix, save a PDF of the approval email(s) you received from the department. Send an email to your Asst. Dean's Office, attaching both the completed TCE form & dept. approvals. Note that PDFs are strongly preferred to screenshots. If saving as a screenshot is your only option, use a higher level of resolution, and confirm that the information is clearly legible before sending the files to your Asst. Dean.

Your Asst. Dean will review the form, route it to our office if they approve, or return to it to you if they have questions/concerns.
After completing the course Ask the school to send an official transcript directly to UD’s Registrar’s Office. After arriving at UD, transcripts take roughly 5-7 business days to route to the transfer credit team.

Electronic transcripts: must be password protected & sent directly from the school to

Paper transcripts: ask the school to send directly to: Office of the Registrar – Transfer Credit, Univ. Visitors Center, 210 South College Ave., Newark, DE 19716 U.S.A.

If the school sends a paper transcript directly to you, do NOT open it. Send the transcript in the original, sealed school envelope to the address above.

Due to high volume, the Registrar’s Office cannot confirm when your transcript arrives to our office. Please check UDSIS per the timeline noted below.
After your transcript arrives to the Registrar’s Office Credits post within 2-4 weeks after we’ve received both your official transcript & an approved TCE form from your Asst. Dean.

A Transfer Credit Fee will appear on your UD student account roughly 1-2 weeks after your credits have posted to your UD academic record. The fee is currently $75 per institution per term (2 or more schools, or 2 or more terms = multiple fees).
To see your credits Check UDSIS >> Grades & Transcripts tile >> Transfer Credit report.

Due to high volume, the Registrar’s Office cannot confirm when your credits post. Please check UDSIS per the timeline outlined above.