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Test Credit

The University of Delaware awards test credit for select secondary and post-secondary examinations and education programs.

Important Update – Spring 2020 Test Exams

Due to worldwide academic impacts from the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), UD is currently reviewing the 2020-21 Test Credit equivalency charts below for all tests listed (AP/IB/A-Levels/etc.). The courses and scores that appear on the charts will apply for tests taken in 2019 and earlier. Some Spring 2020 tests will be issued in a modified format, covering partial material. UD is discussing this with appropriate constituents to determine the best course forward that will prepare incoming students to succeed in their undergraduate courses. Watch this page for an update in mid-April – and thank you for your patience.

General Information

A program's eligibility for credit, qualifying scores, and UD equivalencies are routinely reviewed, and policies are revised accordingly. Individual subject areas are approved on a course by course basis. Students must submit the program's official certifying document (e.g., certificate, score report, transcript) to request consideration for credit. Refer below to each program for detailed information.

Credit is given for specific UD courses or designated as elective credit. Students are awarded credit according to the policy in effect for the academic year in which they enter UD.

Policy on Test and College Dual Credit:
It is our policy that a course may be awarded credit only once. Therefore, in cases where a course may be represented both on college transcripts and examination certificates, only one credential will earn credit. See specific policies under each program.

General information about our test and transfer policies is found here in the Undergraduate Programs section of the UD Academic Catalog.

Information by Specific Program

The national and international credentials recognized for credit are listed below. Click on the program name to access information on qualifying grades, required documentation and other details.

Note that the charts below apply to tests taken in 2019 and earlier by students admitted to UD for the 2020-21 academic year.

For further information about transfer and test credit, contact the Registrar's Office at