Resolution to June 15 campus arrest

The University of Delaware Police Department (UDPD) has released the following video footage from a June 15 arrest of Mohammed Sanogo on the University’s campus. On July 27, the Office of Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings filed documentation communicating that a resolution had been reached in the case, with Mr. Sanogo accepting responsibility for his actions. The University wishes Mr. Sanogo well in the pursuit of his future goals.

The video footage captures the moments preceding, during and following Mr. Sanogo’s arrest in June. The University has stated and continues to maintain that UD police officers acted appropriately in addressing behavior that posed a risk to public safety. UDPD is a nationally accredited police agency with officers trained to handle situations such as these through the application of objective and reasonable force, utilizing appropriate de-escalation techniques to ensure the safety of all involved—including Mr. Sanogo. The University will continue its review of this situation to look for learning opportunities.

Core to UDPD’s mission, values and practices, campus police maintain and promote respect for the individual rights and dignity of all persons, regardless of an individual’s race, religion, ethnicity, and gender among other distinguishing characteristics pertaining to personal identity. As we continue to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, we affirm our values for the individual differences and uniqueness of each and every member of the UD community, including campus visitors.

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