General Information about P.O. Box

A  web-based service, P.O. Box, has replaced the class and majors mailing lists. P.O. Box was created to restrict who can send to the lists, thus eliminating spam and 'Reply All' mail storms.

The P.O. Box service allows faculty and staff to use a web form to send messages to groups of students based on class enrollment, academic major, and academic minor. Students receive messages in their email and can reply to the sender. Students cannot post to the P.O. Box unless the list owner assigns them this privilege.

Besides increased security with communications, P.O. Box offers the advantage of having messages available on the Web site for the entire academic term. In addition to receiving messages in their email, students can also log into the site to read the messages or can see them by subscribing to the RSS feed for their class. In general, class lists are available for the current term, two previous terms, and the next term.

Attachments can be included in messages posted to P. O. Box lists. Rather than delivering attachments to every recipient's email account, attachments are stored on the P. O. Box server and can be downloaded at each recipient's convenience. In addition, all attachments are scanned for viruses prior to being made available for download.