Helpful information for UD students


Web Location Phone Number
Bookstore  (computing supplies) 831-2637
Computer hardware problems   (ICS) 1-800-225-1187
Computer purchasing assistance 831-8895
Computer security 831-6000
Computer software purchases  (Computing software and supplies) ----
Computer Virus Cleanup Policy ----
Computing questions 831-6000
Computing sites on campus ----
Connecting to the UD network 831-6000
eBilling & ePayment:  (View or Pay your bill) 831-2126
  All Undergraduates: Google Apps @UDel login     Google Apps help
  Faculty/ Staff/ other: Webmail Direct login    Webmail Direct help
Forward Email ----
Google Apps @UDel login       Google Apps @UDel help 831-6000
Help Center       Help Center Topic Index 831-6000
LearnIT@UD  (IT learning resources) ----
Password Change ----
Policy for Responsible Computing ----
Protect & Clean your Computer Self-help Guides 831-6000
Request computing or network connection help 831-6000
Responsible Use of the Campus Network - A Student Handbook ----
Sakai@UD:  Getting Started and Student FAQs 831-6000
Technology purchase consulting   831-8895
UD Information Technologies 831-6000
UD PIN Reset Student Services
UD Shuttle - realtime arrival information (302) 721-5072
UDeploy Software Distribution    (McAfee virus protection, utilities, etc.) ----
Voicemail PIN (passcode) reset ----
Wireless Networking at UD:     UDel Secure wireless network 831-6000