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IT Activity ReportOctober 2017
October 2017 Activity Report | Information Security


Changes to UD Wi-Fi

On August 1, eduroam became the only secure Wi-Fi network on campus when UDel Secure was retired.

Eduroam is “education roaming” Wi-Fi that brings secure internet access to thousands of institutions in over 70 countries. Eduroam users do not need guest credentials to log in to Wi-Fi at participating institutions. For example, UD students studying in Spain could use their UD credentials at an eduroam institution, and a visitor from Spain could use his or her eduroam credentials at UD.

The new configuration of UD Wi-Fi also allows students and employees to securely share devices (for example, wireless printers and Apple TVs) using the UD Devices Wi-Fi network. Visitors to campus can join the UDel_Guest Wi-Fi network for limited periods of time. These services had not previously been available.

For more information, go to www.udel.edu/eduroam.

SharePoint transition

The University’s centrally hosted Microsoft SharePoint installation was transitioned from a locally hosted platform to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based solution over spring semester. The cloud-based solution offers nearly unlimited storage across redundant servers at no cost to the University. This migration has allowed UD IT to shift hardware, personnel, and resources to other University projects.

Distributed antenna system

The distributed antenna system (DAS) designed to improve cellphone service across campus is nearing completion.

Nodes on central campus (north of Cannon Hall, east end of Laurel Hall, west of Harrington Beach, South of ISE Lab, corner of South Chapel St. and Wyoming Road, and others) are slated to be brought online in November. Initially this will improve cellular services for Verizon Wireless in The South Green residence halls (Warner, Cannon, New Castle, Kent, Sussex, Squire, Smyth, Caesar Rodney and South Academy) and the residence halls surrounding Harrington Beach (Lane, Thompson, Russel, Harrington, Redding, and Gilbert).