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The International Legislator Survey Project (ILSP) is an academically-driven survey of legislators. ILSP is an initiative of the Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research at the University of Delaware. ILSP collects and disseminates primary data while encouraging scientific discourse on the opinions of legislators on issues ranging from the role of government, nationalism, to social justice, environmentalism, regional integration and globalization. ILSP fulfills the gap between the understanding of the opinions of the general public and opinions among legislators. The time series data is analyzed and made available to the scientific community. The data allow experts of policy-making, learners of leadership, political scientists, sociologists and others to study and understand the nature of opinions among legislators.

Corruption and Ethics 2010 December 2010 - April 2011

The current round of the International Legislator Survey Project focuses on the issue of ethics and corruption among legislators in 12 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Slovak Republic). Data was gathered and analyzed on the efficacy of tools promoting ethical conduct among legislators. In particular, opinions of legislators on the efficacy of existing tools (code of conduct, ethics rules, immunity, financial disclosure requirements, enforcement, sanctioning and education) has been collected. The data is being currently coded and analyzed.

Vote for or suggest a topic for the 2011 ILSP (launching in the Fall of 2011)

How can I participate?

- Propose a topic or a questions for the next round.
- Encourage your legislator to participate.
- If your country is not included and you want to help, contact us.
- Download the data, write an article or a report and tell us about it.
- Visit this web site regularly.
- If you are a legislator and you receive a questionnaire, complete it and send it back.
- If you would like to be on our Steering Committee contact us.