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Welcome to the University of Delaware's New IGERT Program in Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen…

The NSF-sponsored Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen IGERT program at the University of Delaware focuses on developing new approaches to sustainable energy which is based on the conversion of solar energy using hydrogen as an energy carrier. We want our students to recognize and develop new multidisciplinary approaches to solar hydrogen components, systems, and implementation.

The combination of using solar-based energy generation and hydrogen as an energy carrier and storage offers a sustainable solution to many aspects of the energy issues, including transport and electricity generation. The goal of the IGERT on Solar Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy is to provide the resources and opportunities for graduate students to address the scientific, technological, and policy challenges in solar hydrogen systems.

The program draws students and faculty from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics and Policy. Each student will have a research focus in one area but the background, knowledge, and skills to draw from and interact with colleagues from multiple technical disciplines; the breadth to choose the most pressing problems and to contribute to the broader context of sustainable energy systems; and the motivation to use engineering as a driver for innovation, inspiration, and societal advancement. Ultimately, we hope that you’ll be able to contribute to the broader context of sustainable energy systems.

Come and be a part of something truly sustainable!


Energy and Sustainability 2010

This year’s IGERT Energy and Sustainability conference took place between 23rd September and the 25th September at the Trabant center and Clayton hall conference venue.


Cool Stuff Camp 2010

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New Graduate Course in Solar Hydrogen Offered!

     During the winter and spring semester the IGERT students undertake the Solar Hydrogen in Renewable Energy Systems class. This course is one of the first of its kind in graduate education at the University of Delaware as it utilizes Problem Based Learning and develops student's learning through a variety of different group work activities. This past semester the students were divided into four groups of five and they had a wide range of team names: Team 'Symbol', Team Banana, Simple Green and Team Cake-B. Being interdisciplinary in nature, each group was presented with numerous different problems, all pertaining to renewable energy and solar hydrogen and in very limited time frames had to either provided written reports or oral presentations. It was a true highlight for the IGERT to see all the teams working together in a manner that embodies the essence of the IGERT educational philosophy.

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Summer Undergraduate Program 2009:

     This year’s IGERT SURE program was a tremendous success and we had 7 different students participating from across the country and across the various disciplines. This year the students participated in a wide number of activities which included technical presentations on fuel cells and photovoltaics, abstract writing and poster development seminars, public speaking abilities and social activities such as ultimate Frisbee and ten pin bowling. During the summer the students also had to focus on a particular area of research under the guidance of either a graduate student, a post doc or a member of faculty. They were then given the opportunity to present their work to faculty and students and participate in poster presentations at the IGERT Energy and Sustainability Conference 2009.

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