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About Global Agenda

Global Agenda is the University of Delaware's annual international affairs speaker series, open to the public, and an undergraduate course in which students meet practitioners in foreign policy and media from the United States and other nations. The program, part of UD's "America and the Global Community" initiative, is jointly supported by the World Affairs Council of Wilmington, UD's Center for International Studies and the Departments of Communication and Political Science and International relations.

Coordinator, Ralph Begleiter

Ralph Begleiter is the University of Delaware's Rosenberg Professor of Communiation and Distinguished Journalist in Residence. Between 1981 and 1999 he covered international politics as CNN's World Affairs Correspondent. For more information go to his full biography.


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Design credits for Global Agenda 2004

Many Americans view the world in terms of "friends" and "enemies," with few shades of intention between those extremes. Particularly in the wake of two U.S. wars initiated after the terror attacks of 2001, other nations, religions and people have been cast into these two broad categories.Global Agenda 2004 surveys an "Enemies List" of threats to the United States which have more complex implications than is apparent on the surface. Students and the public will explore the dangers posed by weapons and computer threats, by nations such as North Korea, by religion-based movements in the Middle East, and by nations whose periodic disagreements with the U.S. sometimes thrust them into the role of "enemies."
John Merrill heads the Northeast Asia division of the U.S. State Department's "mini-CIA," the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. He's considered among the U.S. government's top analysts of North Korea, a nation President Bush included in his "axis of evil." North Korea is believed to have developed nuclear weapons, and to have shared weapons technology with other nations. Merrill has advised several Secretaries of State through negotiations with the Pyongyang government, the world's most reclusive. Merrill has written numerous articles and several books on Korea.

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In 2003, students visited the Central Intelligence Agency as part of their Global Agenda experience.