Photo Gallery - 2003

"Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys: Espionage and Intelligence"

Former Soviet Spy Oleg Kalugin explains his motives to students and a skeptical former CIA counterspy Paul Redmond.
Kessler 5.JPG
UD's intimate Global Agenda class allows lots of Q&A with former CIA Middle East analyst Martha Kessler.
UD student Christi Betsch shares experiences with former Soviet KGB General Oleg Kalugin at one of UD's Global Agenda dinners.
Risen 5.JPG
NY Times reporter James Risen reveals the secrets of intelligence reporting during a Global Agenda class session.
A standing-room-only crowd gathered to see former Soviet KGB spy Oleg Kalugin and former CIA Counterintelligence Chief Paul Redmond face off.
Kessler 3.JPG
UD sophomore Alicia Oman gets a straight answer from former CIA analyst Martha Kessler during a Global Agenda class.
Kalugin 2.JPG
Former KGB agent Oleg Kalugin regales students and others with tales of the Cold War during a Global Agenda reception in 2003.
UD Provost Dan Rich meets former Soviet KGB spy Oleg Kalugin at a Global Agenda reception in the 2003 series "Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys."
Redmond 1.JPG
A former chief of CIA counterintelligence, Paul Redmond, meets students at a reception in the "Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys" series of Global Agenda 2003.
Redmond 2.JPG
Paul Redmond, who headed counterintelligence for the CIA, was appointed to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after meeting UD students in the Global Agenda series.
Kalugin and Redmond meet the press before their Global Agenda appearance at UD.
Delaware News Journal reporter Sean O'Sullivan has covered many Global Agenda speakers.
James Risen2.JPG
NY Times reporter James Risen shares experiences with UD Global Agenda students at a book-signing reception.
Kessler 2.JPG
Former CIA analyst Martha Kessler reviews the complexities of Middle East terrorism.
Risen 1.JPG
James Risen autographs a copy of his new book "The Main Enemy" for UD student Lori Slonaker.
Kessler 1.JPG
Former CIA analyst Martha Kessler discusses Middle East espionage with University of Delaware students after her talk.
Clayton Hall.JPG
Audiences of between 300 and 700 attended Global Agenda events in 2003 at UD's Clayton Hall.
Risen 4.JPG
Global Agenda senior Zack Gold demands answers from NY Times intelligence reporter James Risen.
Risen 6.JPG
Each Global Agenda guest autographs an original poster created by students and faculty of the University of Delaware Art Department.
Posters line Newark's Main Street before each Global Agenda event.
"Spy vs. Spy" - Kalugin and Redmond in UD's Gore Hall rotunda.
Spy Museum1.JPG
Intrepid UD "spies, lies & sneaky guys" at the International Spy Museum in Washington.
Some of UD's Global Agenda students pay a rare visit to the Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, Virginia