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BHAN 120 Courses

*** PLEASE NOTE: All courses listed below are 1 credit classes ***

Class Description
Course Description
Introduces basic backpacking techniques and safe back country traveling; low environment impact techniques are promoted. Gain skills and confidence to travel safely under most conditions and through remote outdoor areas. Opportunity for practical experiences.
Beginning Ballroom Dance
Learn to ballroom dance, starting with the basic steps!
Beginning Swimming
For the pure beginner with little swimming experience. Learn a variety of strokes and safety around the water.
Cardio Dance Mix
Designed for all skill levels, learn different cardio dance routines while burning calories and staying fit!
Conditioning-Strength Training
Theory and best practices for developing muscular strength and endurance. Variety of strength training techniques to maximize performance.
Exercise and Conditioning
A variety of cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility activities designed to improve overall fitness and well-being. Understand how to minimize injury risk and maximize results.
Exercise for Stress Management
A holistic approach to wellness will be practiced utilizing vigorous physical activity, relaxation, imagery and breathing techniques. All fitness and stress levels welcome.
Fitness Boot Camp
High intensity class utilizing body weight to develop speed, endurance, strength, coordination and power. Blocks of strength moves and cardio drills will challenge the student to their max.
Learn the fundamentals of golf!  Skills taught include:  full swing and short game, course management, shot selection, etiquette, rules, mental golf and golf specific fitness.  Open to students of all levels.  Equipment provided.
Ice Skating I
Basic ice skating skills (forward and backward skating, stopping & turning). Beginners welcome.
Indoor Cycle Spin
Cross train, increase muscular and aerobic endurance. Reach a new level of fitness with hill climbs, sprints, interval races and drills. Great for all fitness levels.
Explore UD's beautiful campus by exercising and participating in various walking/jogging activities, while learning proper technique to reduce risk of injury.
Jump Start Fitness
Course provides building blocks for a long term fitness plan.
Lower Body Blast
50 minute workout has a great mix of classic and new exercises sequenced to keep the fat burning and muscles responding. Intense exercises to shape and tone your lower body!
Core-centered training requiring the mind to master the muscles. Use high quality movements to strengthen your core musculature, enhance mobility, and gain flexibility.
Rock Climbing
Introduces basic rock climbing skills and knowledge so you can safely pursue this activity in an outdoor natural environment. Will meet at the indoor climbing wall.
Scottish Country Dance
Scottish heritage not required! Social dance with choreographed steps to lively, fun music. Beginners very welcome!
Self Defense
Learn conditioning exercises, as well as various self-defense strategies and techniques.
Team Sports
Conditioning and training strategies for playing indoor/outdoor sports such as basketball, soccer, and team handball.
Develop fundamental skills, tactics, and strategies for competitive play, all skill levels welcome.
Explore UD's beautiful campus by exercising and participating in various walking/jogging activities, while learning proper technique to reduce risk of injury.
Breathing techniques, sun salutations, and basic poses. Meditation and relaxation techniques will also be included.
Easy, exhilarating way to get into shape as you dance to Latin rhythms. Your energy level will soar as you get into shape.


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