ART113 - Foundations: Three- Dimensional Design is one of four required Foundation studio courses for first year art students studying for either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree within the UD Art Department.

Three Dimensional Design shares the same art elements and organizing principles with all art disciplines- applied and fine art, but the ability to give shape to space is a creative act with a vast range of possibilities. Beyond the characteristics of media and technical construction methods that are emphasized in all foundation art instruction, there are dynamic and interactive exercises in both making and responding unique to three-dimensional art. The combined synergy of all of the above encourages and supports participants in both examining and stretching the boundaries of conceptual, technical, and aesthetic skills.

Enter Active: ready to encounter ideas and challenges that have never occurred to you before.

Likewise be ready to absorb and synthesize conventional artistic wisdom. Twenty-first century artists must be willing to take fresh new approaches that transcend old definitions of what can and should happen in a work of art. Three Dimensional Design can be physically demanding, intellectually challenging, and fun.