2D #8 Library Take Home Quiz
. Research The library of the University of Delaware is world class. It contains over 2,100,000 volumes. That’s a lot of books, periodicals and government publications. Art students generally have an "attitude" about academic endeavors interfering with their studio classes. They often don’t have a very good idea of what is in the library and where you would find it.

Class Trip One of the easiest ways to get to know the library is to take a trip over to it and check out the building for an hour or two.

Why? There is something specific that you are to get while you are at the library. That is three research references, (i.e. at least one book, at least one copy of a magazine article or other publications) about an artist that you would like to know more about. This can be someone that you already know something about or someone that you just stumbled across. The point is that this artist must create artwork that is naturalistic or realistic in nature. In other words someone who is NOT an abstract artist. This person can be living or dead, famous or not so famous, (I guess they must be somewhat famous if there are references about them in the library. )

Assignment Read the references you take from the library about your artist and next week you will each give a short (2-3 minute) talk about your artist. Discussing a little bit about their personal history, a quick look at the kind of art they created and something about how they fit into your ideas about art, why you chose them, what you like about their work, show a few illustrations of their work. Tell us the significance of your artist, either to you personally or in respect to the historical contribution they made in art.

What Else? During your time in the library, I want you to also discover and answer these other questions about the library. Write the answers on a sheet with the answers properly numbered (and your name on it).

2D Project #8 Library Take Home Quiz

1) What section(s) (i.e. letter areas) are most of the books about Art found?

la) What floor(s) are they?

2) What does the Folio Section of the library contain?

2a) Where is it (what floor)?

3) Where are the current Magazines about Art found?

3a) Name at least one magazine about art that the University subscribes to?

4) What is Microfiche and where do you find it in the library?

4a) Is Microfiche different from Microfilm?

4b) What kinds of things are stored on Microfiche?

5) What is currently on display in the front window of the Special Collections?

6) Where would you find the Art Index? What color is it?

6a) What is the Art Index? Why would you use it?

7) If you wanted to find out which magazines have an article about your artist. What "Guide" would I look in and where would I find it?

8) What is DELCAT, and where can I find it? This is a trick question because there is more than one place to find it.

9) If I wanted to photocopy something I couldn’t remove from the library. What is the procedure for doing that? Give it to me in 4 or 5 very brief steps.

10) Where is the Reserve Room located?

10a) What do you find there?

11) Besides spiders, what else can I find that might be useful to me as an artist in the Basement of the Library. (Be specific. "Books or microfiche" is not a good enough answer.).