Project #6
. Using the same general instructions as in project #5. Create a series of compositions that includes pictures or colors or other artwork that you have cut-out from the pages of a magazine. These are to be glued down on the 6" x 8" illustration board with the same 1/2 inch border on all sides.

This assignment gives you much greater freedom to begin thinking about content, (your artwork saying something or having some meaning or intent) so this would be a good time to experiment with a topic or a subject or to have some deeper meaning for the work to exist than to satisfy the conventions of this assignment.

Project #6
. Develop 3 compositions using colors, images and type from magazine pages and other assorted printed materials.

. 6" x 8" (vertical or horizontal) illustration board

. 5 x 7 inch centered with 1/2 inch border. Draw a thin black ink line around the format.

. You are to use paper cut out from magazines (or other suitable sources). I remind you that cutting pictures out of library book or magazines from the Morris Library is not only stupid and selfish, it could get you kicked out of this university.

White shapes can be made by using the illustration board. Please take care to keep the board clean. This will be difficult to do using magazine pages because inks on magazine pages can rub off easily. The ink will also dissolve when in contact with rubber cement so take care.

One problem that is likely to arise in this assignment is that the page will tend to look busier, more crowded. "Noisier." This means that you must plan this page better than previous assignments where the page was relatively easy to understand and less complicated to look at.

Technical Considerations There are some extra considerations to take into account. The paper that magazines are printed on are much thinner than the Canson paper you have been using, so they will be even more fragile than before, take extreme care when removing extra rubber cement. Also when applying rubber cement to the pictures out of the magazine, be careful not to get any glue on the front of the picture, the solvents in the rubber cement will remove the ink on the pictures if you get any on it. (There really isn’t any solution for this, but to not be sloppy.)

Aesthetic Considerations It’s going to be much harder to not imply content in this project than in the past. In fact with the possible inclusion of words, pictures of people, animals and other recognizable images, most viewers are going to imply some sort of meaning to this piece. A suggestion would be to try and make a definite statement. How do you feel about the world? About yourself? There is no wrong answer here, just silence.