Project #5
. This project gets us out of lines and into creating shapes. Using only black, white and ONE shade of gray paper. As well as your textures that you have found or created. Cut out shapes of various kinds. These shapes can be rectilinear, biomorphic, geometric or any other simple or complex shape you would like. Arrange them on the page so that they demonstrate some of the principles of design covered in Chapters 4 and 7. Pay particular attention to positive and negative space in these designs. Look at foreshortening of shapes to show three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface, including surface and texture. Don’t forget about the other elements of design and composition including content as you are working with these materials.

Project #5
. Develop 3 compositions utilizing only black , gray and white paper.

. 6" x 8" (vertical or horizontal) illustration board

. 5 x 7 inch centered with 1/2 inch border. Draw a thin black ink line around the format.

. You are to use Canson Mi-Tients paper (or other suitable papers) for the black, one shade of gray and white shapes. (The white shapes can be made by leaving parts of the illustration board uncovered.) Please take care to keep the board clean.

Reading Read Chapter 4 on Shape, in Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice.