IT Security Site Map

IT Security Site Map

Use the following site map to find and explore IT Security resources. Major areas of the site are listed in alphabetical order, and their intended audiences are listed in the rightmost three columns.


What can you find here?

Relevant to students?

Relevant to faculty?

Relevant to staff?

A collection of recommended practices for improving your computer and information security.

A guide to acquiring and using cloud services through IT.

A guide for contacting IT with information about security incidents or requests for information.

A guide to copyright guidelines for students, faculty, and staff.

A guide to understanding and managing data appropriately.

A list of frequently asked questions about computer and information security.

A quick-start guide to computer and information security at the University of Delaware.

A list of the University's IT-owned policies.

The vision, mission, and objectives of IT Security.

A collection of special security articles and resources highlighted every October for CSAM.

A guide to identifying and reporting IT security incidents to IT for investigation and remediation.

A list of essential security practices that all employees should implement.

An archive of previous editions of Secure UD News (the University's IT security newsletter).

Information security awareness training for University employees

A list of the tools and services available to help you secure your IT resources and practice computer and information security.

A computer and information security guide that highlights topics most relevant to students.

Information about the Secure UD "Take a BITE out of phish!" campaign and phishing attacks in general.