Secure UD Mission Statement

Secure UD Mission Statement


The mission of Secure UD is to educate and equip the University community to appropriately manage information risk. This effort is advanced through policies, an information security program, and supporting tools and guidance that empower the University community to manage risk and prevent the unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of IT resources.


The University's missions and community will be supported by a mature culture of information security empowered by a common institutional language to consistently understand and manage information risk. The implementation of a flexible institutional framework for effective information risk management will foster the secure, efficient, and effective operation of University units and further the realization of University missions.


  • Develop, implement, and maintain policies, an adaptable information security program, and supporting tools and guidance that establish an institutional baseline for information security and risk management.
  • Engage the University community with communications and training to nurture a culture of information security and a shared awareness and understanding of information risk.
  • Partner with University units to identify, implement, and support reasonable and appropriate solutions for assessing and managing information risk in accordance with unit missions and objectives.