University of Delaware

Guidelines for Hosting Visitors

Students may host friends, relatives and other individuals for brief visits in their room or apartment. Guests are also welcome when invited into the residence hall by the staff, community council or other members of the University in connection with a specific function, tour, official visit, or program. It is a privilege to host guests in the residence halls. This privilege may be revoked if it is abused.

To help maintain a safe living environment, we do not allow unescorted strangers into the hall. We encourage students to ask unescorted visitors for identification or other information.

Unauthorized visitors should be asked politely and promptly to leave the building and call the resident they are coming to visit. If they refuse to leave, a student should get a description and contact the University Police. By state law in Delaware, police can arrest any unauthorized visitors who refuse to vacate residence halls.

Hosting a Considerate Guest

Students must stay with their guests during the entire visit. After visiting, guests should leave the residence hall promptly. All guests must be directed to the restroom facilities designed for their gender. Students are responsible for their guests' behavior and for informing them about University rules and regulations.

Students must always speak with their roommate(s) prior to inviting a guest into their living space. Students must ensure that their presence and behavior do not infringe on the rights of their roommate(s) or any other resident. If a student’s roommate's guests infringe on their rights, they are encouraged to inform their roommate about the concern.

We encourage students to contact their RA if they need help addressing a concern.

Overnight Guests

Students must have their roommates' consent to have a guest stay overnight. Guests may stay overnight in your room for no longer than three consecutive days. Guests may not prolong a visit by moving to another room. If a student’s guest does this, both the original host and the other host can be held accountable. Students are not permitted to charge any other person money to use their room. Students and their roommate(s) are the only people authorized to use the space officially assigned to them. A guest may not occupy the room if room owners are absent. Violation of these terms may result in disciplinary action and/or the termination of a student’s Housing Contract.


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