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Registration Standards and Class Attendance

Registration Standards

The University of Delaware places a high value on the quality of instruction. In order to maintain quality there may be prerequisites and other restrictions placed on specific course enrollment to ensure that the students enrolled in the course are qualified and capable of succeeding. In some courses, seats are reserved for particular populations (for example, Honors students or students who are majoring or minoring in particular fields). There may also be caps on the number of students who are allowed to enroll in a course or section of a course based on pedagogical considerations or room capacity limitations.

Registration Holds

Under certain circumstances the University may impose a registration hold that prevents an individual student from registering for and participating in classes. Holds are listed on the UD Student Homepage in the Holds & To-Do List tile. A registration hold may be imposed for any of the following reasons:

  1. Students may be prevented from registering for classes if they have not met their financial responsibilities for a prior term. A student who is restricted from registering for financial reasons should be directed to Student Financial Services for further guidance. Once satisfactory arrangements are made the student will be permitted to register and attend class at that time contingent upon seat availability.

    Student Financial Services also has the authority to cancel a student's current enrollment if satisfactory financial arrangements are not made by a specific deadline. If you have been dropped for non-payment, you must work with Student Financial Services to pay your fees. Once the fees have been paid, Student Financial Services will notify the Registrar's Office. Once the Registrar's Office receives that notification, the coursework will be reinstated within 1-2 business days.
  2. Student Health Services may prevent a student from registering for classes due to lack of proper proof of immunizations.
  3. A disciplinary sanction imposed by the Community Standards & Conflict Resolution may prevent a student from being enrolled in or attending classes.
  4. Students who are placed on academic probation are not permitted to register for classes until they have met with their academic advisor and had their probation hold removed. These students are then allowed to register only for a maximum of fourteen (14) credit hours. For more information, see Maintain Your Good Academic Standing in the Loading....

WebReg is the official University system by which students enroll in courses. Students who need special permission to enroll in a course should use the Course Permit Form (Drop/Add) to do so (See form instructions). Students with registration holds are not eligible to use either of these registration processes or to attend classes.

Class Attendance

Any student attending a class must be officially enrolled for the class, by no later than the end of the free drop/add period for that term. In the case of experiential courses such as internships, service learning, and undergraduate research, students must be participating in the experience at the time they are earning course credit for it.

During the free drop/add period of each term, non-enrolled individuals may attend one or more class meetings with the permission of the class instructor. Permission cannot be granted to attend class beyond the free add/drop period or for the entire term unless the student is officially registered for the course.

Prospective students may be allowed to sit in on a class while they are visiting campus.

A student should consult with the Registrar's Office, his or her Assistant Dean, or his or her academic advisor for clarification of enrollment eligibility.