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Advising Notes Manager Help

Advising Notes Manager is a legacy UD application that has supported the academic advising process. As of Fall 2017, its main functionality of recording notes for undergraduate students, ie. communications between advisors and advisees, has moved to the Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC).

As of 9-15-17, the only new notes that will be recorded in Advising Notes Manager are those related to the Degree Checkout Form, which is in the process of transitioning to a UD webform.

Changes made in UDSIS will be reflected in Advisor Notes the following day.

Login/Logout and Questions

Staff accessing Advisor Notes from off-campus must use UD's VPN software.
Wireless connections on-campus must use UD's authenticated wireless networks.

Login to the application at: NOTE: Be sure to Logout of the application when done.

Access to Advisor Notes

  • Faculty access:
    • Active faculty, by default, have access to Advisor Notes for students in their department. If broader access is required, contact the Assistant Dean.
    • If a faculty member is the advisor for an entire minor group, contact the Registrar's Office to have the Advisor Notes access updated.
  • Staff access:
    • Access requests must be approved by the college's Assistant Dean and sent to the Registrar's Office. Those who advise students from other departments can be assigned broader access if approved by the Assistant Dean and the Registrar.
    • Staff who assign advisors to student records should have Department-View access.

The Advising Menu

The Advising Menu includes the functions:

Advise a student

This option has been revised to a view-only display of student information and notes.

  1. Enter the student's Last name and First name (optional) OR their UD ID. Hit the Go button. If the student is not found, or is not a current student, you may be presented with a historical search list.
  2. The About this Student screen provides student details, including Cumulative GPA, Total Earned Credit Hours, Degree Checkout Status, Email address, phone, local address, and emergency contact information, followed by his/her program/plan(s) and Grad and Requirement terms.
  3. In the Notes section, advisors may view notes in various ways.
  4. In Forms,
    • Excused Absence Notification: Authorized staff create a webform to send information about a student's excused absence to their instructors and other interested parties.
  5. In Views, advisors have links to:
    • UDSIS/Advisor Center to view the student's degree progress and transcript, and perform a "What If" scenario.
    • Admissions Profile - application, high school and test score details.
    • Class schedule
    • ID Card Photo
    • Test scores
    • Degree Checkout - used by specific colleges.

Search advisees

This option provides a sortable report of advisees, or all students in the department or college, with student details such as Degree Checkout status, GPA and the advisors assigned in UDSIS.

  1. Choose Search advisees.
  2. In Search in, choose the group to search. Options available depend on your access permissions in Advisor Notes. You cannot search for students outside of your access.
  3. Select the major or minor from the dropdown list. You can select only one major at a time, but you can select multiple minors.
  4. Make sure the defaults are All or Choose one. You may also limit the request to honors students, athletes, etc.
  5. Change the number of results per page to 100 to get a continuous list if requesting a large group.
  6. Click the Go button to perform the search.
  7. Results may be downloaded to a spreadsheet using the Download to spreadsheet button.
  8. To verify that all students for a major/minor have an assigned advisor, staff who assign advisors may run the standard COGNOS report A8. UD Student Advisor-ADD. This report lists any students active in the prompted plan who do not have an advisor.
  9. To keep current with advisor assignments when a student changes majors/minors, staff should run, on a weekly basis, the A10. Advisee Plan Audit. This report lists any student no longer active in the plan for which he has an assigned advisor. Staff will need to remove the advisor or update the student's plan to correct the assignment.