In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, University staff and faculty have been instructed to work remotely in order to minimize the spread of infection. Until further notice, our physical office is closed. In order to receive the most timely response to your inquiry, please email Voicemail messages left for our staff members are also being forwarded, and voicemail messages left on our main line are being converted into tickets for management. If you are a UD employee having issues using your purchasing card, you may also contact Bank of America directly at (888) 449-2273 for immediate assistance. For more information about the COVID-19 virus and the University’s resulting operational changes, please visit

Updated! New and Updated Supplier Requests

Procurement Services is working under the direction of Internal Audit to refine processes related to new and updated suppliers. To help us expedite supplier requests, please note the following:
General Comments:
  • The University of Delaware does not accept unsolicited requests for supplier registration and will not register suppliers who submit their own information.
  • University employees cannot provide assistance or complete the forms on behalf of a supplier. Suppliers must contact the IRS or a tax professional if they require assistance.
  • The default payment method for all suppliers will be a check. However, if suppliers provide banking information for ACH (direct deposit) or international wire payments, this information must be verified by Procurement staff. Please let your contact know that we may be in touch with someone at their organization to confirm the information on their form. For domestic suppliers, our staff member will provide the W-9 reference number to authenticate that the inquiry is legitimate.
  • If you already work with an existing, active supplier that needs to update their address or other details, please ask them to submit an updated UD W-9 (see below) or IRS W-8/Data Collection form (see below). Procurement staff cannot update supplier records without documentation.
  • Suppliers that are inactive in PeopleSoft or UD Exchange can only be reactivated by submission of a new UD W-9 (see below) or IRS W-8/Data Collection form (see below). All previous addresses and banking information not submitted on the new forms will remain deactivated.
  • There is no need to email Procurement the reference number the supplier gets after completing the W-9. That is for their records, and yours, when checking to confirm a supplier match in UD Exchange. Learn how to check the status of a supplier’s registration in the Finding New Suppliers section of our Supplier Information How-to Guide.
  • Please do not submit TeamDynamix tickets (including emails to requesting the status of a supplier setup. We do not review forms for accuracy prior to processing. We are working through the queue as quickly as possible, in the order received.
  • Other questions may be directed to so they can be assigned to a staff member. Please remember that is ONLY set up to receive invoices against UD-issued purchase orders, not inquiries or other correspondence.
  • Although we onboard suppliers as quickly as possible, processing time may be extended based on staff availability and other factors. We appreciate your patience.
    Domestic Supplier requests and updates:
    • The UD W-9 is a substitute for the IRS W-9 form. It includes the collection of additional information needed to create a valid supplier record. We cannot create a supplier record with only an IRS W-9 form. Please direct your supplier contact to to complete and submit the substitute UD W-9.
    • The supplier’s legal name must match their tax ID number on record with the IRS. Mismatches will result in a delay, and the supplier will be asked to complete a new online W-9. If the supplier submits multiple W-9s, this will also delay review past the standard turn-around time.
    • Please advise your supplier to use the comment field in the online W-9 to let us know they are working with you; this will help speed the process and give us an internal UD contact for any questions. This field can also be used to provide full legal name which may not fit in the related legal name box on the form.
    New! NEW PROCESS for Foreign Supplier Requests and Updates
    As of December 1, 2021, all foreign supplier requests must be submitted with the new data collection form and follow the below process:
    • Please request for your supplier to provide you with:
      • a completed IRS W-8 form:
        • W-8BEN for Individuals
        • W-8BEN-E for Registered Businesses or Corporate Entities
          • Per IRS regulations, the University of Delaware is required to obtain a valid W-8 form from all foreign individuals and entities receiving payment from the University.
          • Please note that this form expires 3 years from the date of signing
      • A completed Supplier Data Collection Form for Foreign Suppliers
    • Once the supplier has completed the W-8 and the data collection form, the engaging UD department should submit both forms to with "W-8" and the supplier’s name in the subject line. The email must include a detailed business justification for the anticipated transaction or payment as well as any contracts, quotes, or other relevant documentation.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are arranging payment to a Non-U.S. Citizen/Non-Permanent Resident providing services in the U.S. while on an immigration visa (including students), you must first contact UD International Student & Scholar Services to complete the validation process to ensure that the individual is legally eligible to receive such payment. This is the responsibility of the engaging department, and Procurement Services will assume that this has been completed if we receive a request for supplier registration and payment.
    • W-8 forms and related instructions are available on the IRS website:
  • New IT Purchasing Access in UD Exchange

    The UD Exchange Catalog and Forms Showcase now offers two new shopping tiles: Technology Hardware/Software-Faculty/Staff and Computer Hardware/Software-IT Professionals Only.
    • If you need to purchase a technology solution, including renewals or changes to an existing contract, get started by clicking the “Technology Hardware/Software - Faculty-Staff” tile in the Catalog & Forms Showcase, then select the “Purchase a New Tech Solution” option. The tile connects to the UDIT Technology Request, which will provide the appropriate guidance, review and recommendations needed prior to making a technology purchase. The Technology Request process should be completed before purchasing or submitting a Purchase Order (PO) requisition.
    • If you need to purchase a computer, connect with your department’s IT Pro for the correct computer specifications and hardware standards in place at UD. If you do not have a department IT Pro, get started by clicking the “Technology Hardware/Software - Faculty-Staff” tile in the Catalog & Forms Showcase, then select the “Purchase Computer Equipment” option. The tile connects to the UD Request Computer Equipment Purchase (, which will provide the appropriate guidance, review and recommendations needed prior to making a computer technology purchase. The Purchase Computer Equipment process should be completed before purchasing or submitting a Purchase Order (PO) requisition. Small purchases such as mice, keyboards, monitors and other accessories are available to purchase through the appropriate vendor tiles without IT review and approval.

    New UX (user experience) in UD Exchange

    A new user experience is coming to UD Exchange! It went live in the UDX Test Site on 10/18 and will be in the UDX Production Site on 11/15. You will see the new look of UDX if you use features such as shopping, assigning carts, editing pending documents, or approving. Over the next few weeks, look for updated How-to Guides on this page as well as updated training videos in ConnectingU.

    REU-Stipend Decision Chart

    Do you pay undergraduate students for summer research? Are you confused about whether you onboard them as employees, pay them in UD Exchange or pay them via a Payment to Individual webform? Want to know what attachments and approvals are needed? Together with the Research Office and Payroll we have put together a guide to help! Refer to the REU-Stipend Decision Chart to learn how to get your research students paid quickly! As with all things, please email with any questions.

    Payment to Individual Webform Guide

    Do you need to request a payment for an individual? Are you unsure as to whether you should use the Payment to Individual webform or UD Exchange to request the payment? Have you had a Payment to Individual webform returned to you by Procurement? Refer to the Payment to Individual Tips guide to learn when to use the form, recommended best practices, and how to resolve issues that might have caused the form to be returned to you by Procurement.

    Concur Card Reissue UPDATED 7/27/2021

    All UD Concur credit cards will be expiring July 31, 2021. Most replacement credit cards were sent to cardholders’ home addresses. However, if you do not live within Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland or Pennsylvania, your card was delivered to Procurement Services and made available to your department’s card administrator for pick-up and distribution. If you did not receive a replacement card, please contact Procurement at All necessary card activation information can be found on the Concur homepage in the Company Notes section.

    Procurement Drop-Ins

    Procurement Services staff will begin hosting Zoom Drop-In Help Sessions every Wednesday from 1:30-2:30, beginning on June 9, 2021. The sessions will be staffed by representatives from each area of Procurement including Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Suppliers, UD Credit Card and Travel (Concur), and UD Exchange. Please feel free to join the Zoom session at any time within the hour to ask your Procurement questions or request assistance with an issue. The sessions are available from the calendared Zoom link in our UD Exchange Events page. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Updated Terms and Conditions

    Procurement Services has updated terms and conditions effective May 1, 2021.

    Freight Charges in UD Exchange

    Procurement Services has approved a new process for handling of freight charges in UD Exchange. Although we still recommend making provision for freight on the requisition, failure to do so will not hold up payment of the invoice any longer while a change request is initiated and processed. Please note that the process has not changed for webforms.

    Fabricated Equipment Reminder

    As per the University of Delaware Class I Movable Equipment Policy 5-10, Fabricated equipment is composed of material purchased for the purpose of building, constructing or assembling of Class I equipment that will be so identified upon completion. Class I equipment at the University of Delaware will include those items in which material costs alone are $5,000 or more, and will not include labor costs.

    The above conditions must be met in order to utilize account codes 153100 (Parts-Equipment Fabrication) or 153101 (Equipment Fabricated-External). Account 153100 is utilized when fabricating equipment that will be utilized and capitalized by UD. Account 153101 is utilized when fabricating equipment that will be transferred to an outside entity and will not be utilized or capitalized by UD.

    In order to reduce the amount of rejected requisitions, please provide an internal justification on what is being fabricated and how the above conditions will be met. If you have questions on the use of these accounts, please contact Susan Bledsoe at prior to completing the requisition for guidance.

    UD Exchange

    UD Exchange is a new system to facilitate contracting, eprocurement, payment of goods and services. For more information please see our About UD Exchange page.

    For Suppliers:
    The University has begun transition to a new eProcurement system as of August 3, 2020. As a result, purchase orders may appear different than previously received. As always, if a supplier has any questions about the authenticity of the purchase order, please email with the attachment received and we will be able to verify. We will be using the existing and new systems concurrently through December 31, 2021, so suppliers may receive both types of purchase orders through that date. Br> For more information please see our About UD Exchange page.

    COVID-19 Update

    WB Mason is able to ship orders to the home address of those University employees who need to make purchases that are related to or necessary because of the need to work remotely due to the current COVID-19 situation. This only applies to purchases of normal day-to-day reoccurring office expenses (printer paper, toner, staples, etc.). These purchases are permitted using a University issued credit card which is not to be used for personal purchases. For those employees who have not been issued a University credit card, such purchases may be reimbursed provided they can be substantiated as a University business related expense. WB Mason customer service can assist with employee requests to make such purchases on the UD account with shipment to the employee’s home address. Shipment will be made via UPS and there will be no charge for shipping for orders of $40.00 or more. Prior to purchase, an email should be sent to Procurement Services at indicating the name of the cardholder and the address to which the purchase will be shipped. After there is no longer a need to work remotely, the employee should contact WB Mason customer service to have the shipping address changed back to their UD campus address.
    NOTE: No items purchased under the Class I Movable Equipment Policy may ever be shipped to home addresses (account codes 153100, 153101 and 167900).

    Gift Card Purchases

    When buying gift cards on behalf of the University, please ensure that the purchase is in accordance with University Policy 3-23 regarding gifts to external parties. Gift cards are considered by the IRS to be taxable income for the recipient and should therefore not be purchased for University employees. Electronic gift cards should be sent directly to the intended recipient, not the University employee purchasing the card. The University department issuing gift cards should maintain a log recording every gift card purchased along with the gift card recipient’s first and last name, the dollar value of the gift card issued as well as the purpose for which the gift card was issued. The log and related information should be attached to the Concur expense report as business justification for the purchase. Gift cards should never be given in exchange for services rendered to the University. If the total value of all gift cards and other payments issued to an individual exceed $600 in a calendar year, this should be reported to the University’s Accounts Payable manager for tax reporting purposes.

    With regard to gift card purchases on Amazon specifically: due to the potential risks involved with the purchase and issuance of gift cards, unusual gift card purchases may be investigated by Amazon’s risk prevention team which will require additional verification in order to proceed with the purchase. Please contact Procurement if you are anticipating an unusual gift card purchase on Amazon.


    The University has a DocuSign account to facilitate electronic signatures on contracts and other documents. If you have a need to create DocuSign envelopes in order to circulate these documents for electronic signature, an account can be set up for you. Effective immediately, the administration of DocuSign accounts will be handled by Alicia Walker in the Office of General Counsel - please email her directly at Before doing so, please familiarize yourself with and practice using DocuSign by creating a free demo account at; reference materials and in depth training guides are available at DocuSign University and DocuSign Support. A DocuSign account is not needed to sign documents, but please be aware that due to the COVID-19 virus impacting the physical presence of staff and faculty throughout campus, you may receive documents requesting your signature. If you have a question about whether a document is legitimate and was sent by UD, please also contact Alicia at

    Amazon Business Prime Account

    The University has now centralized Amazon purchasing under an Amazon Business Prime Account for all UD purchasing card holders! More information is provided here, as well as FAQs regarding this change.

    Relocation Reimbursements

    Relocation reimbursements are no longer processed by Procurement Services and must be completed via S-Contract webform and processed by Payroll. Relocation reimbursements will no longer be processed via Works. Please note that for moving expenses on S-contracts, department should use Earn code TME and account 120400.

    Requirements when using Square and PayPal

    In response to the decreased transparency of credit card payments made via Square or PayPal, new requirements are now in place.

    UD Car Rental Procedure

    Procurement Services has negotiated car rental rates that include the required $1,000,000 Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage. When making a reservation, the traveler must reference the designated CDP or Contract ID number to ensure that adequate insurance coverage is in place.
    » More information about UD car rental procedure