Payroll is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of salaries, wages, and withholdings for all University of Delaware employees.

We currently operate on both a bi-weekly and semi-monthly schedule processing approximately 20,000 pay checks a month. We are also responsible for the creation and distribution of the W2, 1042S and 1095C year end forms.

What's New
Video of the Payroll & HR Systems Forum is now available online: Zoom / pdf.
Payroll is pleased to introduce a new and enhanced version of the Additional Assignment Form, providing an overall better experience when processing Assignments. Refer to Additional Assignment Job Aid located within ConnectingU for more information.
Video of the Payroll & HR Systems Forum is now available online: Zoom / UD Capture / pdf.
Employees working remotely outside of the State of Delaware should review their state tax withholdings and consult with their tax advisor to determine if they need to update their W4 Form. Delaware nonresidents working remotely may be over withholding their Delaware State taxes but owe more taxes to their home state, and might not be eligible for state income tax credit paid to Delaware on the salary paid during that period. In that case, they will need to increase their home state withholdings (this option is available for MD & PA residents) or pay the taxes directly to the home state. They can use Schedule W, with their Delaware Nonresident Tax Return, to claim an allowance equivalent to the ratio of days worked outside of the State versus the total number of Delaware sourced employment working days.

Employees can adjust their DE State withholdings by completing the Online W4 form . Employees residing and working in the State of Maryland or Pennsylvania can use the same form to adjust those State’s tax withholdings.

Note: The University cannot give tax advice to individuals. Every Employee’s income tax situation is different and unique. Please consult with your tax advisor before making any changes to your federal and/ or state income tax withholdings.
Information on how some payments should be processed during the COVID19 Pandemic Pay Protocol period. Learn more.