Landslide Tsunami Model Benchmarking Workshop

January 9 - 11, 2017               Galveston, Texas

In its FY2009 Strategic Plan, the NTHMP required that all numerical tsunami inundation models be verified as accurate and consistent through a model benchmarking workshop/process. This was completed in FY2011, but only for seismic tsunami sources and in a limited manner for idealized solid underwater landslides. Recent work by various NTHMP states/areas, however, has shown that landslide tsunami hazard may be dominant along significant parts of the US coastline, as compared to hazards from other tsunamigenic sources.

The set of candidate benchmarks are posted here under the "Benchmark Problems" button above. Benchmarks are based on a subset of available laboratory date sets for solid slide experiments and deformable slide experiments, and include both submarine and subaerial slides. A benchmark based on a historic field event (Valdez, AK, 1964) is under development and will be posted shortly.

The workshop has been organized under the leadership of workshop co-chairs Jim Kirby (University of Delaware) and Stephan Grilli (University of Delaware), working with a steering committee including Juan Horrillo (Texas A&M University - Galveston), Dmitry Nicolsky (University of Alaska) and Phil Liu (Cornell University)

The workshop was held on January 9-11, 2017. Links to the workshop report, supplemental presentationn files, benchamrk data and submitted model results may be found in the toolbar above. If you are interested in information about the workshop, please contact workshop co-chairs Jim Kirby or Stephan Grilli.

Workshop attendees: Front, L-R: Finn Lovholt, Ray Cakir, Giorgio Bellotti, Jorge Macias, Stephan Grilli, Dmitry Nicolsky, Fatemah Nemati, Rick Wilson
Second Row: Stephane Abadie, Isaac Fine, Aurelio Mercado, Juan Horrillo, Stephanie Ross, Lauren Schambach, Olivier Kimmoun, Pat Lynett, Phil Liu
Back: Wei Cheng, Jim Kirby, Dave Tappin, Fengyan Shi, Cheng Zhang, Hermann Fritz, Jason Chaytor, Homma Lee, Brendan Dooher, Alberto Lopez.