UD Directory Help

Questions should be directed to Web Development, directory-admin@udel.edu

Please note that commercial use of this or any other University of Delaware directory is not authorized. A special procedure for detecting such use is in effect, for the protection of faculty, staff and students. Violators are referred to the University's legal advisors.

Directions for using the UD Directory search

Enter as much of the last or first name as you know, or use the other fields to search.

See dialing directions for the campuses.

The UD Directory is updated daily.

Looking up notaries

To find a listing of all notaries at the University of Delaware, choose the option "Notary" from the Affiliation drop-down, then click the Search button.

Updating your Directory listing

Staff and faculty

Your directory listing comes from your official University record. See these resources to make updates:


Your on-campus listing in the UD directory is set according to the options you specify in UDSIS via the "Privacy Settings" link. Changes made under Privacy Settings take overnight to be reflected in the UD Directory people search.

If you are not listed in the UD Directory or have a name, address, or local phone number change, you may:

Student employees

If you are a student and employee, be sure to change your address in both systems -- UDSIS and Human Resources (HR). Employment information, such as your W2, is mailed to the address on file with Human Resources. Official University student correspondence is mailed to the address on file in UDSIS. Use the Employee Demographic Data Web Form to update your address and phone numbers in the HR system.

Adding a department contact

Departments may specify a department contact that will appear as the first item in the list when a department is chosen as the search option. For example, go to the UD Directory and choose "IT - Web Development." You will see that the first item is a department contact. This is particularly useful for presenting a department phone number and optionally a departmental Web site and email contact address. To request a contact be added for your unit, use the Request for a Directory Contact form.

If you require further assistance with the instructions or information on this page, contact the IT Support Center.