Policy for Student Use of Computing Resources for Home Pages

The University's computing resources are intended to enable the institution to carry out its responsibilities of education, research and public service. Therefore, these functions have priority in using computing resources.

Because the University recognizes the value of the Internet as a resource for information and communication, when computing resources are available, students may use them for co-curricular or personal purposes provided they abide by the policies and procedures governing such use.

Students may use computing resources for electronic communications with faculty, staff, other students and acquaintances outside the University community and to take advantage of information resources on the Internet.

Students may also participate in the exchange of information on the Internet through newsgroups and publish personal home pages on the World Wide Web.

Students must abide by the Policy for Responsible Computing. They assume full, legal and moral responsibility for the content of their home pages. They must abide by all local, state and federal laws that pertain to communication and to publishing. This includes laws of libel and copyright law. Copyright law pertains to all published and unpublished material, including cartoons, pictures, graphics, text, song lyrics and sounds, movies, and videos.

Right to Privacy
Students are advised to consider the public nature of information they disseminate on the Internet through the World Wide Web. Information in a home page is published and available to everyone who can get to the World Wide Web. Students must not assume that their information is restricted to only a close circle of friends or even the campus community.

The University will not impose any restraints on, nor make any effort to monitor the content of, communications other than those imposed by applicable Federal, State or local laws, including laws regarding the right to privacy and laws which prohibit defamatory material. Users of the University's information systems are advised that their communications are subject to such laws and that the consequences of violations can be severe.

Commercial Activity
Students may not use home pages for commercial activity. This includes but is not limited to running any sort of private business through a home page.

Fund Raising and Advertising
Students may not use home pages for fund-raising or advertising for commercial or non-commercial organizations, except for University-related organizations and University-related events.

Use of the University Name, Logo or Seal
Students may not use the University name in their home pages in any way that implies University endorsement of other organizations, products or services. They may not use University logos and trademarks, including "YouDee," or the University seal. Permission to use the University name, logos and seal in any way is granted by the Office of Communicatins & Marketing only.

Responsibility for the content of students' home pages resides solely with the author(s). The views and opinions expressed by students are strictly the views and opinions of the authors and do not constitute the official sanction of the University.