Features that can be executed from UD Web pages

The central campus Web server (www.udel.edu) serves "static content." For example, a .jpeg image file is static—after being uploaded, the data is sent to a requesting agent by the server as a .jpeg file. For more detailed information about static content, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_web_page.

The central campus server (www.udel.edu) supports the following features:

  1. Server-side includes except the "EXEC" feature. The "EXEC" feature has been disabled to ensure the security and availability of www.udel.edu.
  2. The Web templates created by the Office of Communications & Marketing for UD sites are available to all sites serviced by www.udel.edu. 

The central campus server (www.udel.edu) does NOT support the following features at this time:

  • CGI
  • Scripting languages (e.g., PHP, ASP, PERL)
  • Databases (e.g., MYSQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Extensions for ColdFusion, FrontPage, or SharePoint