Pico Text Editor


Pico is a text editor on the central UNIX servers with which you can create and modify text files. A menu of the options you can use is displayed in the Pico window. To select an option, press the appropriate key(s).

Where to find Pico

Pico is available on the central UNIX servers.

After you log in to the central UNIX server, at the % prompt, type

pico filename

and press the ENTER key. Replace filename with the name of the file you want to create or modify.

Pico: Instructions

Instructions for Pico can be found at the following:

Using Pico on an X terminal

If you use pico on an X terminal, you can have the pico command open a separate window by adding the following lines to your .localalias file:

if $?DISPLAY then 
   alias pico 'xterm -name pico -e pico \!* &' 

This is useful if you want to edit several files at once.