SharePoint 2010 at UD

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a Web-based application that allows working groups to collaborate online using any supported Web browser. You can use SharePoint for document management, file management, workflow management, and online discussion.

The University has installed a new SharePoint 2010 server:

The new SharePoint server replaces UD's SharePoint 2007 server ( SharePoint 2007 sites will be available until the end of 2011. All new SharePoint sites will be created on (SharePoint 2010). However, you can still give people access to existing sites on (SharePoint 2007) through December 2011.

This Web page contains information about requesting a SharePoint site and accessing More detailed instructions for using the SharePoint 2010 service are located in the Documentation area on

How to request a SharePoint 2010 site at UD

Use the UD Sharepoint Site Request Form. (The form will open in a separate tab or window so that you can refer to this page while completing the form.) Provide the following information:
  • Requested site title: The name for your SharePoint site.
  • Requested site URL: Usually a short form or acronym for the site title. The request should be in the form of, replacing "siteURL" with the name you prefer.
  • Site owners: The names and UDelNet IDs of the people who will manage your SharePoint site. More than one person can be a "site owner."
  • Site Type: Your SharePoint site's layout is determined by the site type. Your site will be set up as a "Team" site unless you request another type. More information about site types is being developed in the Documentation area at In addition, you can use Microsoft's preview of the SharePoint Server 2010 site templates to learn more about many of the different site types. (The Microsoft Web page will open in a new window or tab.)
  • Preferred Site Category: Choose from Units, Communities, Committees, Search Committees, Grant Proposals. More information about site categories is located in the Documentation area at
After you have submitted the information, IT will create the site and give full access to the site owner. You will be notified when your requested site is ready to access or if our staff have any questions about your request.

How to access SharePoint 2010 at UD

The top level of is public. You must have authorization to access specific SharePoint sites. When you select a specific site, use the following format to log in:

User Name: win\UDelNet ID
Password: UDelNet password

Password issues: To log in to, you must use a password that meets the new UDelNet password requirements. If your UDelNet password does not meet these requirements, you must change your UDelNet password to use the SharePoint server.

Contact the IT Support Center if you need further assistance.