The University of Delaware has a site license from Mathworks to allow current Faculty/Staff to install a network version of Matlab on UD-owned and personally-owned computers. 

When they leave the University, faculty/staff must remove the copy of the software from their personally owned computer, or replace it with Mathworks' commercial version. If you have questions about your eligibility for this program, contact the IT Support Center at 831-6000.

MATLAB-Network version requires a network connection at all times to connect to the license server. Before using this software from an off-campus location, you must register your computer for access to the license server while connected from that location.  See License Server Access.

Download files and Installation Guides

File Installation Guide

Matlab 2009b for Windows 32

Matlab 2009b for Windows 64

Matlab 2009b Installation Guide

Matlab 2009a for Windows 32

Matlab 2009a for Windows 64  

Matlab 2009a Installation Guide

  1. Review MATLAB  system requirements before downloading.
  2. Download the desired file.

Pre-Installation tasks:

  1. Double-click the or file depending on what was downloaded and extract all files into a folder of your choice.
  2. Get the Matlab File Installation Key and License File

Installation Requirements

  1. Follow the instructions in the installation guide above for "Installing and Activating Without an Internet Connection."
  2. Choose the option to "Install manually without using the Internet" and "Activate manually without the Internet"
  3. Do NOT start the license manager (uncheck box if it is checked) during the installation. 
  4. Do not activate.  Matlab should work, if you chose the correct options during the installation.
  5. Off-campus users: While connected from each off-campus location, register your computer for access to the license server before trying to use the software:  Log in at License Server Access.