IT-Client Support & Services

Client Support & Services (IT-CS&S) is often the first point of contact for students, faculty members, and staff members seeking help with technology. IT-CS&S focuses on helping the UD community use technology effectively and efficiently. IT-CS&S staff members also take the lead supporting productivity, research, and instructional tools for the UD community, student computing, research computing applications, LearnIT@UD, and assistance with hardware and software issues.

Student Support

Support for Purchasing and Owning Technology

Instruction & Faculty Support

Website Support


The Research Computing team supports research at the University of Delaware and State agencies by providing access to databases essential to scholarly research, policy formation, information infrastructure, development, and economic growth.

Our support of research computing also includes helping researchers use the new Farber computing cluster and recruiting more researchers for future computing clusters.

Consulting services include assistance with data analysis, data extraction, statistical and mathematical software, geographic information systems, and scientific visualization software.

  • Geospatial and Survey Support Facility
  • Survey and data collection form development and deployment
    • Printed (OMR) scannable forms, Web-based surveys using Qualtrics
  • Networked access to major data collections
    • Survey data, U.S. Census data, Geodatabases for GIS applications
  • Software consulting
    • Mathematical software and programming libraries, Statistical and database software, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software, Scientific text-processing software, General UNIX system usage