Portuguese 216-316

Intensive Brazilian Portuguese for Speakers or Learners of Spanish.
Since Spanish and Portuguese derive from a common Hispanic source, it is easy to apply what you know of the structure of Spanish to Portuguese. Why waste class time going over what you already know—use of articles, major differences between ser and estar, use of the present subjunctive, differences between the preterite and imperfect, and so on. Also, there are easy rules for transforming Spanish into Portuguese—if you don’t know a Portuguese word you can use the rules to create one which will be the right one in many, many cases. Many Spanish words are spelled exactly like their Portuguese equivalents, but the pronunciation is quite different. If you apply the rules of Portuguese pronunciation, you can create even more Portuguese words.
    The cultural component of the course deals with activities and concerns of Brazilian University students, as well as historical, political, and economic details of Brazilian life.

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