DLLC Language Proficiency Center

Mission Statement

  The mission of the Language Proficiency Center is to assist UD students in the development of target language skills. As such, it aids in the departmental goal of providing "a broad range of educational courses and programs that build second language competence and enhance the understanding of world literatures and cultures both ancient and modern."

The free services offered to students by the Language Proficiency Center seek to:

  • Help students identify strengths and weaknesses in their language proficiency
  • Assist students in the development of strategies and procedures to enhance and improve their target language skills
  • Support UD language instructors in their goal of promoting the overall target language proficiency of their students

The Language Proficiency Center offers students:

  • Individualized tutoring sessions led by specially-trained DLLC graduate students
  • Workshops on various language proficiency issues
  • Access to relevant second language materials and resources
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