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LPC Account Creation

  The Language Proficiency Center (LPC) program, pairs language students with Spanish, French, and Korean tutors through an on-line scheduling system providing undergraduates with a tutorial appointment during which they can discuss composition errors, review video project outlines, discuss important grammatical topics, and engage in authentic target language conversation in fifteen or thirty minute segments. They then meet their graduate student tutors either online via links in the on-line scheduling system or in-person at Jastak-Burgess Hall.

Connecting to the scheduling system is accomplished by clicking on a link to the site:


Students visiting the site for the first time create a site login by Registering for an account using their UD email address as a login name and a password of at least 10 characters that can be remembered for future visits. Students then select a schedule from the SELECT A SCHEDULE menu and click the blue login button to view the tutor schedules (See Fig. 1 to the right).

Tutor schedules like the one below are composed of a series of boxes displaying different colors. The white colored boxes represent available tutoring times with the tutor displayed to the left. Clicking on the white boxes produces a form which when completed identifies who you are, who your teacher is, what their email address is, and some mention of what you hope to work on with the tutor. Making the reservation, changes the color of the white box to blue, indicating that the reservation has been made. The boxes in purple indicate that the tutor is not available at those times. Logging out is as simple as clicking on the red Log Out link at the top of the page. Be sure to log out once you have completed your reservations.

LPC Schedule

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