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Economics and Children's Literature
(Grades 3-4)

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A Pocketful of Cricket* Rebecca Caudill Choices
A young boy stuffs his pocket full of things he values
Arthur's Funny Money*
Lillian Hoban
Wants and savings
Arthur saves enough money to buy items he wants.
I Want a Cat
Tony Ross
A young girl wants a cat from her father.
"Keepsake" in Honey I Love*
Eloise Greenfield
This poem tells the story of a girl who saves a nickel because of the special value she places on it.
Kermit the Hermit* Bill Peet Spending, Saving, Income, and Interest Kermit is a crab who hordes everything he finds. One day a little boy saves his life. The crab spends the next few months trying to figure out a way to pay the boy back.
Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor* Russell Freedman Human capital This book contains amazing photographs, taken by Lewis Hine, of child labor in the United States before World War I. During this time, Hine was working as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee.
Let it Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters* Andrea Davis Pinkney Workers/Producers, human capital, saving and spending, and choices The various stories of women freedom fighters incorporates economics themes, including the economics of slavery itself.
Making Cents: Every Kid's Guide to Money
Elizabeth Wilkinson
This story contains interesting facts, great moneymaking ideas and hands-on activities for students to make money.
Moosey Saves Money
Michael Pellowski
Saving and spending
Young Moosey only wants to save money, but realizes that he must wisely spend his money at times.
The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Cold War Ends* Nigel Kelly Supply, demand, opportunity cost, blockades, communist vs. capitalist modes of production This books explains how the Cold War began, persisted, and ended in a way that elementary students can understand.
The Kid's Money Book
Neale Godfrey
Value of money
This book teaches students about the history, uses, and values of money.
The Silk Route John Major Wants and trade This is a story about the silk route during the Tang Dynasty in approximately 700 A.D. The book contains a map of the silk route and descriptions of the major places through which it traversed.
Tops and Bottoms

Janet Stevens


Entrepreneurship, venture capitalism, investment, competition This book is a sequel to Aesop's
"Hare and the Tortoise". The economic lessons in the story are based upon Hare being down on his luck and finding a way to support his family.

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