Tentative Schedule
Wednesdays  4 to 5 PM 205 Brown Lab
Except the first session on a Thursday, June 6 and starts at 3:30 PM
HHMI Scholars, Peter White Fellows, Chemistry Alumni Fellows, and others including Science and Engineering Scholars
On your own
 What do you need to know about Safety in the Research Laboratory?
Please note: You need to have completed safety instructions in your research laboratory and/or on-line before you start work in a laboratory. If you have questions, contact Occupational Health and Safety.
June 6
Gore Hall

Undergraduate Research Ethics Conference
Dr. Thomas Powers, Department of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Science, Ethics, and Public Policy administered by the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, and graduate students. Sessions to be held in Gore Hall rooms 102, 103, 104, and 116.
June 12 What are you doing here this summer? Introduction to Research and issues you may encounter.
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry, Director UD's HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program).
June 19
What should students expect from their research mentorand what should the mentors expect from students? The Mentors' Perspective
Faculty mentor of undergraduates in the sciences.
Dr. Catherine Grimes (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. John Koh (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Ken Van Golen (Department of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Randy Duncan (Chair, Biological Sciences)
June 26
Don't stop now-Other University opportunities?
Lauren Barsky, Undergraduate Research coordinator substituting for Susan Serra,
Service Learning Coordinator and undergraduate panelists
discussing National and International Scholarship Opportunities, Semester Abroad, Service Learning, and related opportunities. (Goldwater, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships, Fulbright Fellowships)
July 3
Picnic, place to be determined. Cancelled

July 10
Managing a career in science and alternative careers.What can you do with a science degree?
Career biographies of people with undergraduate degrees in science.

David Plastino (BS Chemistry '78, MA Business Administration Univ. of Michigan),
Dr. Jeff Safran,
(PhD Biochemistry University of Texas, JD Temple University) Patent lawyer specializing in intellectual property,
Dr. Vidadi M. Yusibov
, PhD University of Moscow, Executive Director of Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology
July 17
How to communicate your Results - Conferences (Talks and Posters) 
Dr. David Usher, (Dept. of Biological Sciences), Christine Dang, Laura Powell, and Zach March.
Judging Rubrics for the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition 2007
A good site for instructions on poster preparation. Other good sites: site 1 (Ohio State U), site 2 (UNC), site 3 (Ohio State) 
Picnic at Dr. Munson's house.

July 24 How do I get into Graduate School? (Must attend this session and/or the July 31 session)
Dr. David Usher, (Dept. of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Melinda Duncan, (Dept. of Biological Sciences),
Dr. Neal Zondlo, (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Justin DiAngelo, BS Biology '02, PhD Univ. of Pennnsylvania '10 (Asst. Prof. Cell Biology at Hofstra University.)
What is it like to be a graduate student in the sciences?
July  31

How do I get into Medical or other professional Schools?
(Must attend this session and/or the July 24 session)
Dr. David Usher (Dept. of Biological Sciences),
Christine Arenson, MD BS Chemistry '86, Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Jefferson Medical School.
Dr. Florence Schmieg, (Dept. of Biological Science, HSAEC Chair)
Dr. David Barlow, Dept. Health and Exercise Science)
Faith A. Brosch, MD BS Biology '9X,

August 8

Jose Gomez-Marquez
Little Devices Lab at MIT

Plenary Lecturer sponsored by the HHMI Undergraduate Program:

"Hacker Nurses, Legos, and the Road to Construction Sets for Health"

Abstract of talk
News Item in UDaily

1:30 P.M.
Clayton Hall

(Participants and their Poster Assignments to be posted in August)

Student Talks and Posters Presentations
Clayton Hall

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