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UD receives its fifth HHMI undergraduate science education grant
        UDaily 21 May 2010

National quantitative biology education conference held at UD
UD HHMI Program sponsors fourth in series of national meetings on Quantitative Biology.

       UDaily 15 June 2010

UD holds first research, service celebratory symposium
Catherine Drennen, HHMI Professor and Investigator from MIT, delivers keynote lecture at Undergraduate Research Symposium
       UDaily 12 August 2010

UD students excel at UMBC undergraduate research symposium

       UDaily 8 November 2010


HHMI program sponsors undergraduate researchers at national conference
UD students awarded a First Prize and an Honorable Mention at ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition in Washington, DC.

15 April 2011

NUCLEUS Celebrates
HHMI-sponsored NUCLEUS Program celebrates its 18th year and first year in the College of Arts and Sciences.

UDaily 6 May 2011

Ode to Dragonflies
UD HHMI director, Hal White, is profiled with respect to his book on Delmarva dragonflies and damselflies

      HHMI Bulletin, 24(2):4 (2011)

STEM Active Learning
HHMI Science Education Alliance Program part of ITUE. Tuajuanda Jordan to speak
       UDaily 3 May 2011

NUCLEUS Expands Focus
NUCLEUS moves from HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program to the College of Arts and Sciences

Successful academic program supports underrepresented students
      UDaily 22 July 2011

Summer Achievements
HHMI Professor, Graham Hatfull, delivers plenary lecture at Unergraduate Research Symposium

      UDaily 11 August 2011 See also UDaily 22 July 2011

Engaging Students
UD HHMI director, Hal White, is awarded the 2011 Howard Barrows Award by McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, for promoting student engagement through problem based learning.
       UDaily 21 August 2011

Excelling Students
28 UD students participate in the UMBC Undergraduate Chemistry and Biology Research Poster Symposium and win 11 first place and 3 second place awards.  Sixteen of these students were funded by HHMI for summer research.
       UDaily 25 October 2011

Presenting Excellence
Three of the eight UD students presenting their research at the annual ABRCMS Meeting in St. Louis were supported by HHMI including Quantitative Biology major,  Rohan Patel, who received an award for his work in interdisciplinary sciences.
         UDaily 22 November 2011

Student Research Awards

An article about the success of UD undergraduate researchers over the past decade at the national meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
        UDaily  1 March 2012

Doing your best at the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition
An article by UD HHMI Program Director, Hal White, about how UD undergraduate research students are prepared for the annual poster competition sponsored by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

        ASBMB Today  March 2012

Student Research Success
UD student present posters at the annual Experimental Biology Meetings in San Diego and come away with 20% of the ASBMB undergraduate poster competition awards and the ASBMB best student affiliate chapter award for the Northeast region.
       UDaily 3 May 2012

Poster Prep
Communications Consultant, Barbara Garland, provided expert advice to undergraduate research students in the HHMI-sponsored Undergraduate Enrichment Program.
      UDaily 30 July 2012

Summer Achievements
Ed McCleskey, HHMI Scientific Officer, presented the plenary lecture at the Undergraduate Research and Service Celebratory Symposium.
      UDaily 14 August 2012

Student Researchers
22 Students present their research at the UMBC Symposium. Eight receive awards.
        UDaily 26 October 2012

Presentation Practice
UD undergraduate research students prepare posters for national meeting in Boston
        UDaily 10 April 2013

Goldwater Scholars
Douglas Kenny, a 2013 HHMI Summer scholar, is one of two UD students to be awarded a prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship.
        UDaily 11 April 2013

For the Record
Zachary March and Allison McCague receive Honorable Mentions at ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition in Boston.

        UDaily 10 May 2013

HHMI Symposium Speaker Announced
Jose Gomez-Marquez from MIT to speak at the August 8 Undergraduate Research Symposium.
UDaily 9 July 2013

Undergraduate Capstone
4th University of Delaware Undergraduate Research and Service Celebratory Symposium was held Thursday, Aug. 8, in Clayton Hall

      UDaily  13 August 2013

Students Excell
Eight UD students received first place awards and two received second place awards at the annual UMBC Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biolgical Sciences on October 26.
       UDaily 31 October 2013

UD HHMI Director receives recognition as Delaware Professor of the Year.
Professor of the Year
UDaily 11 November 2013

Harold White elected as an AAAS Fellow
AAAS Fellows
UDaily 25 November 2013

HHMI Integrated Introductory Chemistry and Biology Program in ISE Lab highlighted in C&E News
Preceptors Knit Classes together
         Celia Arnaud C&E News p 40, 20 January 2014

Consummate Teacher - UD HHMI Director receives ASBMB Education Award
          Diane Kukich - UDaily 19 May 2014

Summer Scholars
Jim Collins from Arizona State was the plenary speaker at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. A number of HHMI-sponsored students received awards.
         Jerry Rhodes - UDaily 22 August 2014

Successful Student Research
UDaily 7 November 2014

University of Delaware Undergraduates present their research at the annual Experimental Biology Meetings in Boston.
Hannah Anderson gets Honorable Mention at ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition.
        UDaily 7 April 2015

UD undergraduate researchers in the chemical and biological sciences excel at UMBC Symposium. 12 HHMI-supported students participate. Thomas Keane wins a first-place award for the third year in a row while Hannah Wastyk received her second first-place award in two years.
        UDaily 6 October 2015

National biology honors: UD students receive top awards at national biochemistry, molecular biology meeting
        UDaily 15 April 2015

80th Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention Winners Hannah Wastyk and Nicole Wenzell
          UDaily 19 April 2016

Hannah Wastyk recieves Goldwater Scholarship
          UDaily 19 April 2016

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