Undergraduate Research Awardees 
and Their Activities

In September 2006 the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute awarded the University of Delaware its fourth major four-year grant to support a variety of initiatives including undergraduate research. The goal of this initiative is to encourage the participation of undergraduates in active research programs relating to the biomedical sciences.  Students receiving support are listed below. Students receiving support from the previous HHMI grants (1998-2002) (2003-2006) are available at the linked sites.

Summer 2007 Awardees:

  The following Thirty-nine students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2007.

Peter Adelman, Biochemistry
Brian Grindel Biology Aivi Nguyen, Biology
Keith Atchison, Biology
Vince Hill, Biology Rebecca Pagels, Chemical Engineering
Tyler Bazzoli, Chemistry
Kyle Hoffmann, Chemical Engineering Andrea Passarelli,  Chemistry
Aly Bourreza, Biochemistry
Jonathan Hullmann, Biochemistry Tessa Reisinger, Biology
Colleen Cheong, Biology Lauren Isaacs, Biology Tara Rhoades, Biochemistry
Deepthi Cherian, Biology Donald Knieriem, Mathematics Matthew Richards, Biology
Stephanie Culver, Biology Gregory Madden,  Biology Jennifer Schnitker,  Chemistry
Jenna Currier, Biochemistry Amber Majid, Biology Joshua Selekman, Chemical Engineering
Corinne Decker, Biology Rowan Michael,  Biology Kyle Stern, Biology
Michael Dignan,  Chemical Engineering Daniel Miller, Chemical Engineering Melissa Warriner, Biology
Stephanie Dreher, Biology Obinna Mmagu, Biology Coral Wille, Biology
Megan Fisher, Biology Stephanie Myrick, Biochemistry Meghan Woods, Biochemistry
Carly Fleagle, Chemical Engineering Krista Neal, Biology Lum Zoni,  Biochemistry

Summer 2008 Awardees

The following twenty-five students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2008. Also included is an Arts and Sciences Dean's special scholarship to a student from Guam.

Christina Antonopoulos, Biochemistry
Kyle Hoffmann, Chemical Engineering Matthew Richards, Biology
Edward Bayley, Biology
Lauren Isaacs, Biology Daniel Sandusky, Biochemistry
Tyler Bazzoli, Biochemistry
Upasana Joneja, Biochemistry
Kevin Sforza, Biochemistry
Ann Benavidez, Chemistry
Eiffel Manzano, Biology (Univ of Guam)
Laura Sloofman, Quantitative Biology
Kyle Davis, Biochemistry
David Meninger, Chemistry Jaime Stull, Biology
Seth Finger, Animal Science
Stephanie Myrick, Biochemistry Stephen Tierniak, Chemistry
Megan Fisher, Biology Aivi Nguyen, Biology Sara White, Biochemistry
Kyle Green, Biology
Kristin Nuzzio, Chemistry Meghan Woods, Biochemistry
Heather Hartman, Biology
Kelly Pippins, Quantitative Biology

Summer 2009 Awardees

The following twenty-three students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2009.

Donald Allen, Biochemistry
Heather Hartman, Chemistry
Rachel Randell, Biology
Brian Barnette, Biology
Samuel Linton, Biochemistry
Kevin Sforza, Biochemistry
Cory Bovenzi, Biology
Brendan LoGiurato, Biochemistry Laura Sloofman, Quantitative Biology
Rebecca Brown, Biology
Brendan MacLean, Chem Engineering
Jaime Stull, Biology
Kyle Davis, Biochemistry
Nicholas Marze,  Chem Engineering Wuroh Timbo, Biology
Aleksey Dvorzhinskiy, Biology
Suranjit Mukherjee, Biology
Devan Turner, Chemistry
Michele Fascelli,  Biology Ngoc Nguyen, Biology
Sharon Weaver, Chem Engineering
Elizabeth Hanle, Chem Engineering
Kelly Pippins, Quantitative Biology

Summer 2010 Awardees
The following 25 students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2010.

Donald Allen, Biochemistry
Timothy Gilpatrick, Biochemistry
Catherine Nyugen, Biology
Nicholas Audette, Biochemistry
Jessica Gryga,  Chemical Engineering
Ryan Penn,  Medical Technology
Erin Bange, Biology
Sepehr Highighat,  Biology
Frank Shen,  Math & Economics
Erica Boetefuer, Biology
Zariel Johnson, Quantitative Biology
Wuroh Timbo, Biology
Cory Bovenzi, Biology Brendan LoGiurato, Biochemistry Devan Turner, Chemistry
Brandon Boyer, Biology
Dylan Lowe,  Biology
Matthew White,  Biochemistry
Michael Brister, Biochemistry
Nicholas Marze,  Chem Engineering Wayne Wilke,  Biology
Amy Chevalier, Chemical Engineering
Suranjit Mukherjee, Biology
Alex D'Angelo,  Biology
Ricardo Nieves, Neuroscience

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