Undergraduate Research Scholars Program
University of Delaware
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


In September 1992, 1998, 2002, 2006, and again in 2010 the Undergraduate Science Education Program of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute awarded the University of Delaware major grants to support a variety of initiatives including undergraduate research. A major goal of these initiatives is to encourage the participation of undergraduates in active research programs relating broadly to the biomedical sciences. If you have any questions about undergraduate research checkout this website.


To apply a student must have a cumulative grade point index of at least 3.00.  Research may consist of assistance on a faculty member's project and/or on an independent project that is related to and supervised by the faculty member.  Most awards are for the summer between the sophomore and junior years; however, exceptional first-year students and juniors with a successful research history can also apply for summer funding.  Although majors in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology normally apply for HHMI support, applications are encouraged from students in other areas (e.g. chemical engineering, nutrition, medical technology, physics, mathematics, computer science, etc.) who are working on biomedically related projects.  


Students accepted as HHMI Scholars are expected to devote full time to their  research for at least 10 weeks during the summer, participate in the Summer Research Enrichment Program, and submit a file of their Symposium research poster at the end of the summer.  In addition, HHMI Scholars from the University of Delaware are expected to continue their projects during academic year following the award and present poster sessions or talks on their work at the end of the summer program and in the following spring. The research may become part of a senior thesis for the Degree with Distinction or Honors Degree.  Students who plan to take courses over the summer, have significant other employment, or expect to transfer to another school are not eligible for HHMI support.


Scholars will receive a stipend of $3000. In addition, each scholar will receive a summer housing allowance of $500. If a Scholar lives in a double room in an Undergraduate Research residence hall on campus for ten weeks, this $500 will cover the student's room charges.  If a Scholar chooses to live in a single room in a Undergraduate Research residence hall, the $500 allowance will reduce the cost of the single room by $500.  If a Scholar lives off-campus, the student will receive the $500 housing allowance as cash along with the stipend. Up to $750 in laboratory expenses is available for sponsors without major external funding.    Laboratory expenses include the purchase of supplies and materials directly associated with the research.  They will be used in the laboratory and remain with the supervisor's laboratory after the project is completed.  Books for personal use cannot be purchased with these funds.  Laboratory funds may be used during the fall, winter, and spring through the end of April following the award.

Application Procedure:

Summer:   Applications will be coordinated through the Undergraduate Research Office.  Applicants should indicate clearly that they wish to be considered for the HHMI program.  Sophomores not selected for HHMI awards will be considered for the Science and Engineering Scholars Program.   The application should include:

Deadline: by Monday, February 28, 2011.  Awards will be announced before Spring Break. For all students interested in summer research opportunities broadly related to the life sciences, a common on-line application is available.

Winter: There are no funds for Winter Session research in the current grant. Please contact the Undergradaduate Research Office for other funding options.

Past Awardees:

During the past eight years, the University of Delaware HHMI Undergraduate Research Scholars Program has funded over 200 students (1998-2002) (2003-2006) (2007-2010). Check out what alumni of the program are doing.


Contact Prof. Hal White, 203 Brown Laboratory. Phone 831-2908. [halwhite at udel.edu]

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