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HHMI Awards $86.4 Million for Undergraduate Science Education

        1 June 2006 HHMI

HHMI Awards $1.5 Million Grant to the University of Delaware
      UDaily   2 June 2006

Talking Science

Biology, chemistry faculty share connections with students

       UDaily 7 June 2006

Symposium Showcases Undergraduate Science Research
UDaily   15 August 2006

NUCLEUS Students Shine at ABRCMS Meeting in Anaheim

UDaily   22 November 2006

Two Undergrads Take Top Honors for Biomedical Research
       UDaily  21 December 2006

Three UD Students Win Goldwater Scholarships
(All three are associated with the HHMI Undergraduate Program)
       UDaily  17 April 2007

Students Hone Presentation before National Conference
       UDaily  2 May 2007

Seven Undergrads Present Research at Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference
       UDaily  16 May 2007

Junior Wins Prestigious Science Award
      UDaily  21 May 2007

UD Biology Students Shine at National Conference
       UDaily  23 May 2007

Four Arts and Science Faculty Honored by the College
       UDaily  24 May 2007

Sigma Xi Honors 7 Students for Senior Theses
(Lebois and Patel associated with HHMI Program)
       UDaily  24 May 2007

 Undergrad research symposium draws capacity crowd
(Seventh Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium sponsored by the HHMI Program)
       UDaily 14 August 2007

UD Undergraduate Research Students Win Seven Awards at UMBC Symposium
UDaily  24 October 2007
NUCLEUS Students Honored for Biomedical Research
UDaily  3 December 2007

Undergrads sharpen research poster presentations before national conference
      UDaily  25 March 2008

Undergrads take top prizes at national biology conference
        UDaily  16 April 2008

Five undergrads present research papers at Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference at Elizabethtown College
(Bazzoli, Woods, and Hullmann are HHMI Undergraduate Research scholars)
      UDaily 25 April 2008

Three UD students awarded 2008-09 Goldwater Scholarships

(Ritika Samant a 2006 HHMI Undergraduate Research Scholar is awarded a Goldwater Scholarship)
       UDaily 25 April 2008

NUCLEUS program celebrates 15 years at UD
(Two former NUCLEUS Coordinators return to UD to celebrate 15 years of the NUCLEUS Program)
UDaily 16 May 2008

Senior named one of 'Glamour' magazine's Top 10 College Women
(Ritika Samant, 2006 HHMI Scholor, selected as one of Glamour's top 10 (role) models)
      UDaily 12 August 2008

Research symposium spotlights undergraduates
(Eighth annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium run by HHMI is featured)
 UDaily 19 August 2008

11 UD students honored at regional undergrad research symposium
(HHMI funded students among winners at poster competition at UMBC )
UDaily 6 November 2008

University of Delaware's Summer Research Program: Turning Students into Scholars.   by Nick Zagorski
(American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's special report on UD's Undergraduate Research program)
ASBMB Today pp. 14-15 November 2008

NUCLEUS Student takes Top Honors for Biomedical Research
(Sohil Gowala wins first prize at ABRCMS meeting)
UDaily 17 November 2008

Core of Diversity: NUCLEUS Celebrates 15 Years of Support for Underrepresented Science Majors
(American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minority Affairs column highlights UD's HHMI-sponsored NUCLEUS Program.)
ASBMB Today pp. 26-27 December 2008

Students receive honors at biology meetings
(Report on the ASBMB Undergraduate poster competition at the Experimental Biology Meetings in New Orleans.)
        UDaily 15 May 2009

Six receive 2009 Fulbright Scholarships
(Megan Fisher, HHMI Undergraduate Research Scholar, receives Fulbright to study in Germany.)
        UDaily 19 May 2009

UD hosts Mid-Atlantic HHMI meeting
(Representatives from UD and 10 regional HHMI Undergraduate Science Education programs attend meeting.)
        UDaily 11 June 2009

UD Quantitative Biology Program Highligted at ABLE Conference
(The HHMI-initiated quantitative biology initiative received considerable interest at the Association for Biology Laboratory Eduation annual meeting on Campus.)
       UDaily 30 June 2009

Students Present Their findings at Summer Symposium
(Report on the HHMI-sponsored Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium)

      UDaily 14 August 2009

Delaware undergraduate researchers present at regional science symposium
(15 UD undergraduate researchers participate at UMBC Symposium and 7 receive 1st or 2nd Place Awards)
       UDaily 12 October 2009

Enhancing TA Performance
(HHMI-sponsored Teaching Assistant training course featured)
         HHMI Bulletin 22(4), 30-33, 48. November 2009

UD student takes top honors at national conference
Michael Holder, a NUCLEUS scholar, receives research award at the ABRCMs Meetings in Arizona.)
       UDaily 3 December 2009

Three UD undergraduate researchers win awards at national meeting
Laura Sloofman and Amy Styer receive Honorable Mention Awards in the 14th Undergraduate Poster Competition sponsored by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Anaheim.)
       UDaily 4 May 2010

UD receives its fifth HHMI undergraduate science education grant
        UDaily 21 May 2010
National quantitative biology education conference held at UD
UD HHMI Program sponsors fourth in series of national meetings on quantitative Biology.

UDaily 15 June 2010

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