Our Research

We are developing and using femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to investigate excited state dynamics in molecular systems, in molecule/semiconductor hybrid systems and in individual nanoparticles.

The prospect that nanoscience will provide solutions for some of the world’s most urgent challenges, such as new non-fossil energy resources, non-silicon based electronics, novel drug delivery techniques, etc., demands a detailed understanding of dynamic processes on the nanoscale. Transport of energy is the most important process determining the evolution of a system. Especially the transport of charge carriers is essential for processes as fundamental as photosynthesis, catalytic chemistry, and of course all electronic applications. Energy transport on the nanoscale occurs on an ultra-short time scale. We are studying energy transport reactions in real time by employing novel time-resolved spectroscopic and microscopic techniques, simultaneously resolving nanoscale dimensions and femtosecond (10-15 s) dynamics. The necessary experimental techniques are developed and improved in our group.

Electron Transfer Reactions at Interfaces

Electron injection from a molecular donor orbital into empty electronic acceptor states of a solid is often referred to as heterogeneous electron transfer (HET)...


Charge Carrier Dynamics in Nanomaterials

Measurements that are performed on a large ensemble of particles demand a high degree of homogeneity to gain meaningful results. A better way of reducing ...


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