The Sociology of Drug Addiction

        There are certain neurochemical and personal psychological patterns that prevent escape from drug addiction, and there are also socio-psychological forces which make addiction’s hole that much deeper.  Humans are all to some extent social creatures.  Whether a person feels their social need fulfilled better by a few close friends and family or a large circle of friends and acquaintances, the need for intercommunication is ever present among members of our species.  Interwoven into each relationship we undertake will be prevailing social forces and opinions.  These forces will subconsciously or consciously influence our own opinions based on how our personalities react to them.  Drug use is one important decision that is influenced by social pressures.

Some outlying social factors:
1. "Nancy Reagan" outlook
2. Informative Negative Reinforcement
3. Decriminalization

More intimate social forces:
1. Role Models
2. Peers


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