Portal for High-Precision Atomic Data and Computation

Version History

Version 1.0
Release Date: April 2021
Included transition matrix elements, transition rates, radiative lifetimes, branching ratios, polarizabilities, hyperfine constants, and nuclear data for Li, Be+, Na, Mg+, K, Ca+, Rb, Sr+, Cs, Ba+, Fr, and Ra+.
Version 2.0
Release Date: March 2022
Portal interface redesigned to allow for easy navigation between different properties of the same element. Energies of Li, Be+, Mg+, Ca+, Rb, Sr+, Ba+, Fr, and Ra+ states not available in NIST ASD database added. Data for 13 highly charged ions of interest to atomic clock development added. About the project page updated. Unit buttons added. An option to download files in csv format included.