BUAD 884: Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Projects

Sites for Real Concerns

The PWI site is intended to act as a promotion for PWI, Incorporated, and allows current and new customers to purchase products from PWI via the internet. The goal is to enable PWI to become the leader in information for the petroleum industry and to become the site that is frequently visited by purchases of petroleum products and those looking for industry news.

Institute of Management Accountants, Delaware Chapter
The IMA-DE site represents and serves the community of Delaware accountants broadly, and certified management accountants in particular. Goals include membership growth and retention, timely communication of information about IMA-DE events, and reduction of costs accociated with publications.

Vinecrest Vinery and Vineyard
Vinecrest Winery is a 10 year old winery located in Lansdale, PA. It is a small, family run winery that would like to increase its brand recognition via the web. Their size gives them the flexibility to offer such services as personalized labels and next day delivery.

Conceptual sites

An on-line grocery shopping service aligned with grocery store chains to achieve entrance into local markets through co-branding strategy. Shoppers can receive delivery from supermarket employees, or pick-up orders at their convenience. Prices are identical to those found in the store, and a nominal fee will be charged for the extra services offered by ExpressLane.

An on-line sandwich order placement and delivery service intended for areas with high population densities (downtown large cities, universities complexes, etc.) and a significant demand for convenient lunches and dinners. The web-based order interface allows the customer to choose from a selection of signature sandwiches or "design" a sandwich by selecting type of bread, meat, cheese, and condiments. Each customer has the option to create and save their own customer profile, storing their delivery address, credit card information, and favorite sandwiches in an easy to use interface.

An online retailer of tennis equipment and clothing intended for the experienced tennis player who knows what equipment and clothing they need but are looking for the best prices and convenience. Furthermore, the site is intended to create a community for those people who have a passion for tennis through newsgroups, a tournament finder, a weekly/monthly quiz, a virtual tennis game, and tennisanyone.com branded items.


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