Current Lab Members

Kathryn Coyne

S. Craig Cary

Kathryn J. Coyne, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marine Bioscience
University of Delaware 
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
School of Marine Science and Policy

Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Delaware, 1997.
B.S., Chemistry, University of Delaware, 1986.

Research Interests: Biochemical and molecular ecology of microbial communities focusing on harmful algal bloom species

Website: Here

Stephen Craig Cary, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
University of Delaware
College of Earth, Ocean, and EnvironmentS
chool of Marine Science and Policy

Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography
M.S., San Diego State University
B.S.,  Florida Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Comparative physiology, biochemistry and ecology of microbial communities, with a focus on free-living syntrophic bacterial associations in extreme environments including hydrothermal vents and Antarctic soils.

Website: Here
Deepak Nanjappa
Yanfei Wang
Deepak Nanjappa, Ph. D.

Deepak is a postdoctoral researcher, investigating the transformability of raphidophyte species, Heterosigma akashiwo.  He recently began work in our algicide group project as well, where he is developing defined media for growth of algicidal bacteria in large bioreactors for increased production of the algicide.

Yanfei Wang, Ph. D. student

Yanfei received her masters degree in Marine Biosciences from UD-CEOE in 2016 and is now a PhD student in the program. She is investigating the application of matrix-associated algicidal bacteria to prevent harmful algal blooms.  This could be an environmentally friendly means to prevent blooms in areas at risk for algal blooms such as shellfish harvesting areas.