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Jennifer Retener is congratulated on her accomplishments.

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Students recognized at General Honors Award Ceremony


5:57 p.m., Dec. 5, 2013--Top students in the University of Delaware Honors Program were recognized in a special ceremony this fall at the Trabant University Center.

The award recipients earned 18 or more Honors credits in their first two years at the University and have overall GPAs of 3.20 or higher. They were presented certificates by Michael Arnold, director of the Honors Program, and were congratulated on stage by their college deans or deputy deans.

Honors Stories

National Medal of Science

President Barack Obama recently presented the National Medal of Science to University of Delaware alumnus Rakesh Jain.

Warren Award

Rosalind Johnson, assistant dean for student success in the NUCLEUS Program in UD's College of Arts and Sciences, was presented the John Warren Excellence in Leadership and Service Award during a May 26 ceremony.

This year, 80 percent of the honorees completed more than the required 18 Honors credits during their first two years at UD; 28 percent earned 25 or more Honors credits, and one student earned 42. Some 79 percent of the recipients have grade point averages of 3.5 or higher, and 9 have perfect 4.0 GPAs. 

For a complete list of the recipients of the General Honors Award, click here.

Arnold opened the ceremony, welcomed guests to the event and thanked parents and family members for their ongoing support and encouragement. He also thanked faculty and administrators for "providing a challenging and truly enriched academic experience for your Honors students" and acknowledged the advising, counseling and support work of the Honors Program staff. 

Provost Domenico Grasso congratulated the students on their accomplishments and advised them to take full advantage of their access to faculty and to fellow students. Quoting Arthur C. Clarke, who said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, Grasso said, "Make no mistake, we have magic happening all around this campus -- in science and engineering laboratories and in humanities, social science classrooms and in fine and performing arts studios."

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