University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi

2007 Undergraduate Thesis Awards

Each senior thesis and undergraduate researcher recognized by this award were nominated by research advisers and members of the thesis committee. Each were enthusiastic about the nominees' research endeavors to date and their prospects for continuted contributions to scholarship.

A $100 gift card, certificate of recognition, and nomination as associate members of Sigma Xi (with first-year's dues sponsored by the chapter) will be presented at the departmental convocation of each award winner.

Undergraduate Thesis Awards for 2007 were awarded to the following recipients:

Jenna Cohen, B.S. Degree of Psychology with Distinction [behavioral neuroscience], with minor in disability studies and second major in education studies
"The Effects of MK-801 on Tactile Discrimination Learning in 28 Day Old Rats"

Adviser: Mark Stanton, psychology

Matthew Cohen, B.S. Degree of Psychology with Distinction [cognitive science], with minors in spanish and biological sciences
"The Development of Pragmatics: Children's Knowledge of Scalar Implicatures"
Adviser: Anna Papafragou, psychology

Kevin L. Neeld, B.S. Degree in Health Behavior Management with Distinction, with minor in strength and conditioning
"Ankle Instability in Male Collegiate Ice Hockey Players "
Adviser: Thomas Kaminski, health, nutrition, and exercise sciences

Evan P. Lebois, Honors Degree B.S. in Biological Sciences with Distinction, and second major in biochemistry and minor in english
"A Role for N-Glycosylation in Differential Growth Control and Drosophila Development: Phenotypic Analysis of ALG10"
Adviser: Erica Selva, biological sciences

Tapan P. Patel, Honors Degree of B.S. in Biochemistry with Distinction, with second major in mathematics and minors in computer science and philosophy
"Biochemistry of Prox1"
Adviser: Melinda Duncan, biological sciences

Jason A. Peiffer, Honors Degree of B.S. with Distinction in Plant Science, with minors in biochemistry and biochemical engineering
"A Spatial Dissection of the Arabidopsis Floral Transcriptome by MPSS"
Adviser: Blake Meyers, plant and soil sciences

Laura S. Shankman, Honors Degree of B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Genetics with Distinction, with minor in bioinformatics
"Effect of Junctional Adhesion Molecule A, JAM-A, on Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, NAFLD"
Adviser: Ulhas Naik, biological sciences

The selection committee was chaired by Ulhas Naik, biological sciences, with committee members including: Eric Furst, chemical engineering; Mary Ann McLane, medical technology; Kausik Sarkar, mechanical engineering; and Erica Selva, biological sciences.

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