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Introduction to Parent/Guardian Secure Services

Parent/Guardian Secure Services is a new web application that allows students to share portions of their UD education information with those they designate as parents/guardians or other relatives. The "My Finances" portion of the application, which allows students to share financial information related to billing, payments and financial aid with parents/guardians has been live since late November, 2012. For more information, see the UDaily announcement.

As of February 2013, students have the following information options to share:

  • Academics: Schedule, Final Exam Schedule, Honors & Awards, Final Grades
  • Dining & Flex information
  • Housing assignments

How Students Grant Access

Students direct the entire process to release information in UDSIS-Self Service, or at
My UD Business, by clicking the "Manage Parent/Guardian Access" link. This automatically* logs them into the Parent/Guardian Services "Manage Access" screen, where they specify the parent/guardian email address, and what specific information they would like to share with that person. Students can change these sharing options at any time or revoke access for an email address entirely by simply checking or unchecking the sharing boxes or clicking "Revoke" to completely remove association with that individual.

Access granted by the student through Parent/Guardian Secure Services is limited to view access to the information presented. Having any access to view portions of a student's education record does not grant access to discussing that information with University faculty/staff.

*Login system criteria: The student must have an active program OR be attempting to login up to 30 days after a program completion, dismissal or suspension.

Parent/Guardian Account Setup

Once the student has authorized sharing any of the information above, the parent/guardian receives a "University of Delaware Parent/Guardian Invitation" email, automatically generated by the system, inviting them to create an account to view the information the student has shared. This invitation expires 30 days from the time it was sent. Parents/Guardians click the Invitation link to begin the account setup process. They confirm their name/email and relationship to the student and set a 10-30 character password and security questions. Once complete, Parents/Guardians login to their account at, either

They enter their email address and password on the left side of the page. The Forgot your Username or Password provides helpful login information and instructions on resetting passwords. At first login, the parent has the opportunity to provide brief profile information.

Parent/Guardian Secure Services- Menu View

The Parent/Guardian Menu screen displays links to the information shared by their students, along with the parent profile information. The heading section lists these important reminders:

    • The information shared is exclusively for parents/guardians and their students. Login information should not be shared with others.
    • Students can change access at any time. If parents/guardians no longer see specific information, they should contact their student directly.
    • "University personnel are not permitted to discuss student academic information with anyone other than the student, as UD student education records are subject to protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information is available at: here.

In the main section of the secure site, the parent/guardian is presented with a folder for each student who authorized information sharing to his/her email address, with links to specific information.

If the student later decides to share additional information, the parent/guardian will receive a "Parent/Guardian Services Access" email, notifying them that a change in access has been granted by their student. No notification is sent when access is removed or revoked.

Sample Education screens - Parent/Guardian Secure Services

Schedule: The current term and any future registered term is available to view with the following information:

    • Student name and UD ID
    • Course number/section
    • Course description
    • Day / time

Final Grades: All registered terms are available to view, listing:

    • Student name and UD ID
    • Course number/section and Description
    • Final Grade
    • Term GPA
    • Cumulative GPA

Honors/Awards: The following Honors/Awards are added as they appear on the academic transcript:

    • Dean's List
    • General Honors Award

Student name and UD ID, the Academic Term and description of the Honor/Award is displayed.

Final Exam Schedule:

Student name and UD ID and any currently scheduled exams are listed.

Application Infrastructure

A secure infrastructure developed by IT underlies the entire application, ensuring that only the information specified by the student is shared with the parent providing the credentials to access it. Options are also provided to allow parents to update their profile and security information and the parent email address used by the system. Students will also be periodically prompted to review their parent/guardian sharing settings. Access to Parent/Guardian services will automatically end 15 months after the student ceases to be matriculated.


Parent questions about what information is being shared should be directed to their students, who alone have complete control over this. Student education records are subject to protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); therefore departmental staff cannot comment or elaborate on the information presented.

Technical issues should be directed to the IT support center using the Contact UD link at the top of each screen. Students may also contact the pertinent UD department if they have questions about their information. A help webpage with frequently asked questions is available at