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Glossary of UDSIS Terms

The following terms are used throughout UDSIS.

Academic Institution

- University of Delaware (UOD01) - Matriculated and Continuing Education students
- English Language Institute (UOD02)

Academic Careers

There are two in UOD01:
- Undergraduate (UGRD)
- Graduate (GRAD)

Academic Level

The student's year, based on total earned cumulative units (credit hours). See Academic Catalog.
- Freshmen - 27 or fewer credits earned toward the degree
- Sophomore - 28 to 59 credits
- Junior - 60-89 credits
- Senior - 90 or more credits

Academic Program

Undergraduate programs are the same as the college code.
At the graduate level the program is college and degree. See Academic Catalog.

Academic Plan

Major / Minor course of study or Honors Program

Academic Sub-Plan

Concentration (within a major/plan)

Advisor Center

part of UDSIS > Self Service, designed for Advisors (faculty or staff). It includes a My Advisees list and allows access to corresponding student data.

Bio Demo Data

basic biographic and demographic information about a student (name, gender, birth date, address, etc.)

Class Component

the format of section (i.e. lecture, lab, discussion)

Faculty Center

part of UDSIS > Self Service, designed for faculty. It includes their teaching schedule, class roster(s), and grade roster(s), and links to forms and tools.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

privacy restrictions that must be followed when releasing a studentís personal information. See FERPA.

National ID

Social Security Number/SSN. This is no longer the student identifier, but is stored in UDSIS for federal reporting purposes.


an enrollment period within a term (summer only).
Winter session code:     WIN   (one term and session)
Summer session codes:   5W1 - First Summer Session    5W2 - Second Summer Session


the academic semester is a 4-digit code with the naming convention:
- 1st digit = millennium (1 for 19xx and 2 for 20xx)
- 2nd & 3rd digits = last two digits of calendar year
- 4th digit:
      1 = Winter
      3 = Spring
      5 = Summer
      8 = Fall

Academic Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
  UDSIS Term values
Winter - 1 2101 2111 2121 2131 2141
Spring - 3 2103 2113 2123 2133 2143
Summer - 5 2105 2115 2125 2135 2145
Fall - 8 2108 2118 2128 2138 2148

a unique numeric identifier; also known as Student ID number and Empl ID. UD IDís can be 5 or 9 digits. Nine digit UD IDs start with 70. This is a system-generated number.