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General Information

Approximately six weeks after the date of degree conferral, paper diplomas are mailed to graduates who have cleared all financial obligations to the university. Beyond that point, graduates must submit a diploma application and fee.

Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiplomas) are available for purchase shortly after graduation.

Diploma Name and Address

Students are responsible for ensuring that their names and addresses are listed correctly. Any changes should be directed to the PRIOR to GRADUATION. There is a charge to reprint a diploma.

The diploma is printed using the Primary name that appears in UDSIS-Student Center, Personal Information- Demographic Data / Names, unless a Diploma Name is provided. To specify a Diploma Name click the Add a New Name button on the UDSIS Names page and choose the Name Type of Diploma. After you add a diploma name, its display will convert to a "Firstname Lastname" format, but your diploma will appear as you entered it.

Addresses are specified in UDSIS-Student Center at: Personal Information- Demographic Data / Addresses.
The diploma is sent to the following address: Diploma Address; if none, then Home Address. To specify a Diploma Address, click the Add a New Address button on the UDSIS Addresses page. Enter the address and then you will be prompted to specify the Address Type. Click Diploma.

Diploma Shipments

Diplomas are shipped by United States Postal Service in protective tubes. Upon receiving your diploma please open the tube carefully. Remove the shipping label to expose the seam of the tube. Twist the tube at the seam to remove the top and gently pull out your diploma. DO NOT punch in the end of the shipping tube, as this will likely damage your diploma.

Diploma Details

diploma picture The actual size of the diploma is 16 inches by 12 inches. It lists the degree earned at the University of Delaware, for example, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

There is one diploma issued per degree type, for example, students simultaneously pursing two Bachelor of Arts majors will be issued one Bachelor of Arts diploma. Certificates earned not in conjunction with a degree program will not receive a diploma.

Beginning with Fall 2014 degree conferral, the University diploma style has changed. Read FAQs.

The Official Academic Transcript provides details concerning majors, concentrations and minors.

Paper Diploma Replacements

Paper Diploma Replacements, measuring 16 inches by 12 inches, can be ordered by mail for a cost of $25. Diplomas may only be ordered by the graduate.

To order, submit the Paper Diploma Replacement Form.