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Change of Name Request Form

Use this form to request changes, due to incorrect spelling or legal situations, to the primary name under which your UDSIS education record is listed. If you have any questions, contact Registrar at (302) 831-2131.

  1. Complete this form in its entirety.
  2. Print this page.
  3. Provide legal documentation of the new name: copy of driver's license or other proper documentation, such as passport, state or national-issued identification card or court order of legal name change.
  4. The person requesting the name change (not a 3rd party) should upload the Change of Name Request form and your documentation via this secure link.
  5. Processing time is typically 10 business days after our receipt of this form.
Your UD ID   (if known, otherwise leave blank. This is NOT your social security#.
Date of Birth   (use format mm/dd/yyyy)
Gender Female   Male
Currently attending UD? Yes   No
Full Name while at UD:
New Name: You must provide proper documentation of your name.
Reason for change:
Graduation date:
Daytime phone:   (use format nnn-nnn-nnnn)

Student Signature: _________________________________________________  Date: ____________________

Note: Student signature must accompany request form.